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Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2012-10-22 11:59:10

Hi Billy

My tail had made a good recovery. Dad laid a lot of leather on me two weeks ago. I was bored so I was sort of practicing driving the car in the driveway, of course while Dad and Mom were out, an i knew I could not be caught But once a scraped the paint on the car door, broke two lights, dented the fender and damaged the garage door there was no point in denying it.

Dad is naking me oay for the damage which I suppose is only fair altough he claimed it on the insurance) but Dad though I needed to learn a lesson on my bottom too It s not the worst spanking I have ever had, but 21 kicks to your bare kin must come close.

We do not have any lickings as school. so once sgool starts you think you are going to get less spankings There are still weekends and bored kids are naughty ones.

Face it Billy, I'll have to learn to dive one day. But maybe not while I am still 14!


Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2012-10-22 10:58:18

Mom and Dad had taken the big car, Moms car, for a big shop; you know the one that seems to take all day. They left Dad’s car in the drive so I thought I would get some driving practice. I knew if I was caught I would be punished, but I knew there was no way I could be caught

Well, there was ONE and, and I found it.

Moving forward and backwards along the drive was okay. But when I backed onto the road, I managed to scrap the paint on the door on the nearside. That was bad, and I panicked. When I tried to put my foot on the brake I put it on the gas, and the car jumped forward. I smashed the lights on one side of the car the front lights, bent the fender, and slightly damaged the garage door.

I thought it best to own up, but it was very hard Dad was angry with me, I think, but he was sure as shooting mad at what I had done He said it would cost hundreds of di dollars to put right.

I have had worse spankings but this was bad. Rawhide leather straight to my skin- not that briefs would have helped. Dad gave me 21 licks, and I was crying before he even started. He did it slow making sure I felt he full pain if each lick. Yes. It was up in y room. We have a sort of ritual or routine for that. Pants and shorts down, and I go over the back of the desk chair.

Dad told me I will have to pay for the damage and I am trying to earn the money in the weekends and the evenings. And as long as I am doing that I cannot be doing anything else to get spanked, can I?


Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2012-10-17 20:43:41


Happiest kid on the block to see you back, cute friend. Or happier.

Happy to see you calling me Ricky again.



Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2012-10-08 14:13:15

I was spanked at the weekend. I have had worse, but it really hurt. Dads belt to my skin hurts as much as it ever did.


Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2012-10-05 09:52:44

Hi Red

I thought that was a severe punishment for a boy who did not mean to be naughty at all, and once you pointed out to me that I had made things worse, learned from hmy mistake. However, as we have agreed here, it is not for a naughty kid to decide he was not naughty, and it is not for a naughty kid to decide his own punishment. I only hope I have not made things any worse.

I was not meaning to question the way you punished my friend Billy. I thought you were done with him, when he was asking for more punishment. I told him what I would hae done to him. But you stepped I and finished off the job. Then you told me I would be next, and I would get something to remember. So I am sorry if I was rude or disrespectful I will try not to be again.

I was not fun having you pull down my pants. I have always done that for myself for as long as I can remember. But I was not surprised we you told me to step out from them and kick them away, and then to raise my arms so you could pull my tee shirt off over my head. I was not scared or nervous standing in front of you in my briefs. You must have seen a hundred boys in little boy briefs. But I was surprised to find my nose almost touching the floor as you spanked my little boy bottom over your knee. That got me crying. When your arm was tired you took me to the bathroom and took off my briefs. Now I am not shy about being naked with a boy, even a clothed one, but if I thought my punishment was over, I could not have been been more wrong. I was still crying, and you told me to stop, as I would soon have something to cry about. But Red. I already had something, as you continued giving me a fast and very hard hand spanking You pushed me under the shower and turned the water cold. If I had not already been dancing from the pain on my tail, that cold water would have made me dance. You did not let me out until I was wet all over but you paid extra attention to make sure my tail was very wet, giving me a few wet slaps just to be sure. They stung as more than the ones I got through my briefs. Were you done? No way.

After corner time you took me back to your room, and put this poor now naked boy up in the diaper position mainly because you know how much I hate it. I do not like a spanking as punishment at all, but this makes it worse.

For sure, I was not expecting the belt. That was harsh. It did not take you long to get my soft boy skin deep red, but you did not stop there. I know I cried and squealed, at least when I had the breath, and I choked to, when I was crying too hard. You sure know how to spank a naughty tail. I mean the tail of a naughty boy. Even one who was not that naughty. Like me. I know much you enjoyed that. The crack of the belt, the sound it makes as it meets my skin, and the childish sobs and screams that no boy could hold back. Here is one very sorry boy. Sorry for what he has done? Of course. Sorry for himself? Of course, yes. A thousand times. And yes. WHAT A TAIL

25 belt lashes was a lot to take. Standing in the corner, all I wanted to do was clutch and rub my tail. You did not say I could not, so I did. But I also wanted to cover up a bit, but my briefs were in the bathroom, and my pants and tee shirt across the room. I wanted them but I was scared to leave the corner in case you came back. I knew you would put me back in the diaper position. If you had known how much my tail hurt you would know I was not going to risk that. So I waited in the corner completely naked.

I think I was good enough to go to bed with my tail red, but not stinging. I cheered up when I saw you undress, because I am bigger than you in front, and even if I have not many hairs down there, I have more than you have. And for tonight, at least, I am the boy with the cutest tail. lol. I know that you could still send me to bed with a burning tail tonight. Really Red, there is no need to prove it. I believe you. And I have been good. Really.

I do understand that I may have more punishment to look forward to. So I will keep my mouth shut and hope for the best, make the right choice and be a smart kid.

After all, tomorrow is another day. And I want to get back to being friends really quickly.