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Posted in Ultimate Poll for Teen Guys 11-19 on 2015-12-09 23:48:03

I do not know what happens when teen boys shower without men being present but some certainly behave strangely when force to shower with men. Quite fun to watch their antics. So so shy!

Posted in Backpacker in Jail Fantasy - II on 2015-12-09 22:28:18

A number of old jails have been converted to backpacker hostels. One was offering optional night lockups - you could opt to be locked in your cell for the night.

There might be a small demand for a longer and more complete old fashioned jail experience. Strip searches, showers, prison clothing and food, even birching. Guests might contract for a few hours or a few days, or to stay as long as they could stand it. It might be a great experience for sports team bonding - perhaps a weekend out of comfort zone. Of course, it would be necessary to allow inmates to opt out at anytime but they could be encourage to endure by requiring full payment in advance with no-refunds for early withdrawal.


Drone = Male bee, wasp or ant; lazy person, autonomous pilotless aircraft used for diverse purposes both military and non-military, including committing murder, a robot vehicle.

USA = The USA government or its agencies?

Murder = the killing of another person without justification or valid excuse or legal authority or due process.

This poll seems to be directed at citizens or residents of the United States of America although this is not stated. Most people in the World and the majority of Internet users are NOT "Americans". It can be distressing for non-"Americans" when "Americans" assume they are the only people in the world.

Who in the USA is "the government"? Is reference being made to the Federal Government or perhaps to one or more state governments?

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is presumably still in force. It would seem to allow the greedy, the ignorant and the stupid freedom of speech. There is a lot of noise.

Posted in The Era of Middle/High School Paddling on 2014-12-15 00:34:17

School CP can only work and be useful where it is acceptable to the local community and is considered useful and reasonable by the majority. A further requirement is that those receiving CP should benefit from their experience. The punishment must wipe the slate clean and allow a new start.

A possible problem is the requirement for boys and girls to be treated the same even though boys tend to respond far better than girls to SCP. Rather than doing without it is better to offer CP as an optional alternative to detention or other penalties. There are problems with deciding the conversion rate for swats. Is one swat worth one hour, for example.

There is no reason why CP and counselling should not be combined in the case with recalcitrant students.

SCP can be very useful in the case of senior students who may be too busy to attend detention, or whose detention would impact on others.