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Posted in MALES: Coaches -- Locker Rooms on 2016-10-22 19:52:17

Many seem to think that traditional locker rooms, coaches, high expectation and discipline were not valued by boys. This was not the case for many if not most boys, certainly the sporty ones.

Being introduced to the locker room and gang showers at puberty was challenging for some with bodies changing at different rates, and fear of spontaneous erections, but most boys quickly lost their shyness. I think it would be kinder to begin locker room use at an earlier age.

It is also very clear than many boys thrived on strict discipline with clear consequences for misbehavior. Consistency and fairness was very important.

Unfortunately, modern boys are physically, emotionally and mentally poorly equipped to cope with the locker rooms and paddles.

I presume the poll is directed at residents of the USA only. The police shoot very few people in the other major democracies or indeed in any country that makes a pretence at the rule of law.

Getting shot is a major problem for the victim, their family, friends and community, whatever the circumstances.

There is no doubt that in the USA members of minority groups are individually at much greater risk of getting shot by the police than non-minorities. An out of control, militarised, poorly trained or disciplined, or prejudiced police force is undoubtedly a serious threat to all and not just oppressed minorities.

I presume the intended purpose of the poll is to determine how concerned people in the wider community are about police shootings. Unfortunately, those who answer polls such as this, are very unlikely to be representative of the wider community. It is unclear whether those who see no problem are ignorant of the facts or just uncaring.

Posted in School corporal punishment on 2016-03-02 02:11:29

Whether a school uses CP or not, and under what circumstances, is a matter for the local community to decide. There needs to be a broad consensus on the issue, with limited opt out options for families with strong objections to CP.

Some believe CP is most useful for younger students while others believe it is most useful for older students.

Some favour CP as a first choice option for minor offences while others believe it should be reserved for repeat offenders and serious offences.

In the past, boys were much more likely to receive CP than girls in part because they were much more inclined to commit offences that were punished corporally. Also, boys were considered more likely to benefit and less likely to be harmed by CP than girls. This view is no longer considered politically correct.

It is axiomatic that the implement used to administer CP should be safe even if used too forcefully.

Posted in Seeing a guy naked by accident on 2016-03-02 00:49:31

One entire wall of the locker room was made of dark tinted glass. In the daytime, you can see out but not in. At night, the situation is reversed when the locker room lights are on. None of the night time users seem aware of this.

Posted in Speedos - Swimming - For boys only on 2016-02-22 23:22:10

A big advantage of Speedos and similar wear is that you are unlikely to be left naked when playing in heavy surf. I once saw a teen boy lose his over sized shorts in a big wave at a busy beach. I became aware of the loss when his shorts floated by. I was tempted to retain them.