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Posted in Streak's Random Poll #1 on 2002-05-02 19:43:42

not have Quentin Tarantino on your best director list, yet have Steven Spielberg????

why the hell would I speend hundreds dolar on a console

I bought a DC+2controler+2memory+rumble pack for 60 $US

I download my game and burn them.

I've got 30+ games, I have a lots of fun and thats it.

some very good games:

Sonic 2 Hydro Thunder Tennis 2K2 BaseBall 2K2 NHL 2k2 Sega GT San Fransico rush 2049 Skies of arcadia soul calibur

just with those, I've got more then enought

Posted in Ladies:Would you cheat if hubby Let you? on 2002-04-20 18:13:29

Well Mike I still think you should tell your wife your fantasies...Maybe she would play along...you never know...

========== In Reply To ========== Thanks for filling out my poll ladies. If you haven't already, please do! I am finding out that many more women admit to wanting to have another man if they had the option. I kind of already know most guys opinion on this(another girl? Yes please!! LOL). I think the key to this being successful is: 1) You MUST be 100% secure in your relationship with your wife. if you're not, it will lead to trouble. 2) The boyfriend/lover has to be a sexual relationship ONLY. No love. Thanks and feel free to post your thoughts.

Posted in Boys Underwear Poll (10-17) on 2002-04-20 17:02:02

I think you are real lucky being able to wear little white briefs. At 17, my mom still makes me wear diapers.

========== In Reply To ========== you're right. boxers are stupid. my freinds are starting to wear boxers now so i tried them. they suck. i'm back in my little white breifs now. they make fun of me but i don't care. like you said briefs are more comfortable. they're a lot better for sports too! i've worn 'em for 12 years now(except for diapers) and will wear 'em forever! i don't care what the other boys say. the girls like my tighty whiteys!

Posted in Bottled Water Survey! on 2002-04-16 15:34:33

it does!!