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Posted in White women and interracial relationships on 2002-06-03 03:38:52

========== In Reply To ========== Its not really mentioned in the Poll...but, well, Black Men and white women really do have the best sex....I mean not always but by and large at mixed parties and stuff, the tallest hunkiest Black Men come after us first....and well, umm(sorry white boys) but sex with Black men is usually way way more arousing and fulfilling.


It's funny that you say that, because I find (as a Black Woman) sex with White Men much more enjoyable than with Black men. And actually I prefer White men, they are more honest, employed, responsible and they treat you like a Queen. So you can relax and feel safe around them unlike alot of Black men. Guess we'll never be looking at the same guy. :)

Posted in Gagged or tied in school on 2002-05-29 19:10:37

quit whining and suck paper HAHAHAHA ========== In Reply To ========== im 17 and have been tied and gagged in school many times . usually with duct tape and saran wrap students who refuse to be gagged are suspended indefinately for like 2 wks. our board has voted on thisd matter many times and always approve it! it $%!@es us kids off but we arent heard the restraining part usually comes after being unruly or excessive talking time is usually extensive and we are usually saran wrapped to chairs and duct tape is wrapped around our heads several times paper towles are put behind our heads to protect our hair and paper towels are usually shoved into our mouithes b4 the gaggeing. they taste like $%!@! anyway thanks 4 yer time

Posted in Babysitters and Kids ages on 2002-05-23 22:47:53

All kids are different as are all teenagers. It really depends on the individual when they are ready to not be babysat . When it comes to teenagers some are more mature than others and can babysit longer.

Posted in Unfaithfull on 2002-05-21 12:44:12

Well, i was at a party with my g/f last week. She was pretty drunk and so was other people. She started getting pretty close with this other guy. I followed her around to make sure nothing was going on. I went into a room for another minute and i heard kissing. I came out and there she was making out with this other guy. I was devistated. She saw me looking at her and i went after that bastard she was kissing. It took a good 5 or 6 people to hold me back from smashing his $%!@ing skull in. SHe begged for forgiveness and keeps saying she doesn't know why and how it happened. I know they were both drunk, but still, they kissed. Im still with her, but that is on my mind day and night... which means there hasn't been no sleep for me lately. What should i do?

Posted in Sexiness and clothing on 2002-05-08 09:40:04

You'd realy have to LOVE a guy to find him sexy with an erection. :P