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Posted in Which Party is to Blame? on 2011-12-18 23:11:29

I agree that maybe there should be an option that no one is to blame, but even if there were, I would not select it. It is both parties fault, as well as the people who select them: in a country this size, it's less about being able to govern as it is being able to convince people to vote for you. As a result, both parties have created false dillemas based on the premise that their viewpoints are the only way, that there is no other way but their party's way. Example: I believe in fiscal conservatism. I do not believe that I am infinitely responsible for people who can or will not work, and that we cannot base a budget around that. However, if I stand up and say "I am conservative," I also have to agree with stuff like "I believe religion should be in schools, I believe that the government should ban gay marriage, I believe that we should project military force against anyone who has ever harbored or expressed dislike for America, ever," things that I do not believe, nor do I believe have anything to do with the issue of "how individuals and the government should spend their money (save the last statement)." I believe in personal freedom: I believe that someone's sexuality, or sex, should not prohibit them from equally experiencing the freedoms and responsibilities granted to us under the Constitiution. I can't in good conscience stand up and say "I am a liberal", because I don't agree with laws designed to "protect women," beyond laws which say that women are citizens, and all citizens are afforded this protection. Nor do I believe in laws that compel people to extend their hard earned taxes to illegal non-citizens, so that said illegal non citizens can participate in social programs that are probably a bad idea anyway, but ill funded for citizens of the US, let alone people who aren't even paying into the system. Every time something bad happens, we don't need "a new law", or to declare a new "protected class.": sometimes the problem is properly enforcing the laws we do have. And just because I support the freedom to go Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve or even Adam, Eve, and Steve, doesn't mean that I think that this goes hand in hand with mandatory disarmament. I know a long time ago, a guy gave mixing kind words and deeds with guns a bad name, but in all seriousness, I don't think that kind words and guns are necessarily mutually exclusive.

The problem is, when I go to vote, I'm not allowed to think, I'm not given the option. Either I vote for the guy who has the right mixture of bible beating, homophobic, xenophobic, wealth horading, militant nationalism going for him, or the guy who has the right mixture of socialist, totalitarian, socially paranoid, reverse sexist and racist, mass powered tyranny going for him. There is no "group with the most good ideas" party: either it's Republican or Democrat, and you either vote for one of them or you're basically throwing your vote away. So yeah, I blame both groups, because neither one represents me, or even comes close.

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