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Posted in ballet for guys (guys only) on 2012-07-11 12:02:36

we never do that, we either have t-shirts or nylon leotards with our pantyhose or tights... sometimes for concerts us guys wear all that makeup and tutus

Posted in statistic test for all transgenders on 2011-12-12 14:52:57

i'm a crossdresser who hasn't come out of the closet. I'm 16, and not sure what to do. can u help me?

Posted in underwear??? on 2011-12-12 14:32:57

not necessarilly! at my school, most guys wear thongs and jockstraps. i wear thongs or g-strings, which are really popular, and are seen as cool. most people don't have a problem with them

Posted in crossdressing on 2011-12-12 11:34:06

my dad isn't gay, but he also enjoys dressing as a girl. my brother is gay, and sometimes he brings his boyfreind home. i went out as a girl the other day, to get ready to go to a party as a girl, and when i came home, they were all waiting for me. i was really embarassed, but they were overjoyed to see me dressed like that. my dad now buys feminine clothes for all of us. i'm not really sure how to react to this, but i just go with it. i don't like it that much, but sometimes, the feel of the dress and lingerie on my skin turns me on. sometimes all of us dress up as girls, and have dinner together at a restaurant, or go see a movie.

I think u should take this a step forward. maybe start wearing dresses and makeup now. I'm 16 now, and last year, when I went to go stay with my aunt, I was dressed up as a girl for 3 weeks. I had to wear panties, bras, makeup, everything. after the three weeks, it was really for me to get back to being a boy, and i found that I actually liked being a girl. I went back to dressing as a girl, but now I went to school and did everything as a girl. I am soon going to be undergoing a sex-change, because I think that my life is so much better as a girl. I've been taking supplements to grow breasts, and i cna't wait until I get changed into a girl