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Posted in How Was Your Romantic Relationship With a Teacher? on 2011-04-21 23:48:51

These polls are terrible. Like seriously.. sexual relationships with elementary school kids. I pray that NEVER happens. Jesus said if you harm a little child it'd be better to have a millstone hung around your neck and to be thrown into the sea. Judgment will not be pleasant for anyone who would do that.

Posted in Locker Rooms on 2011-04-20 03:47:39

Really tired of these polls that are basically porn disguised as a poll. Wish people would see the error of that. God bless.

Posted in Drug Usage on 2011-04-20 03:13:06

Surprised so many people have done marijuana. Only one I had done was alchohol. Couple sips. Being drunk or high is wrong and dangerous. Pray Jesus releases people from the bondage of them. God bless everyone.

Posted in Camcorders, digital cameras and kids on 2011-02-17 00:56:55

Just curious what brought on this poll? Kinda uncomfortable. I agree we should make it as hard as possible for pedophiles to be pedophiles. Such a sinful thing. God bless and Jesus saves.

Posted in Breast implants on 2011-02-10 06:13:47

Found this using random poll. Seems like it is a kinda perverted poll under the guise of being about implants. But God bless and remember that Jesus saves. :)