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Posted in Chastity Devices on 2021-09-29 20:33:16

Hey Sandrabmum, Are you thinking of locking your boys up? When I hit puberty (about 13), my mom got annoyed the first couple of times I soiled my bed sheets $%!@ing (blush!). This was some time ago, so chastity devices for boys were unknown, so my mom used to tie my hands behind my back every night at bed time with a pair of her tights (pantyhose). Embarrassing, especially if we had visitors, when , at bedtime, |I would be sent to my room to change into my PJs and get ready for bed (use the bathroom, clean teeth etc.), then I would have to go back down with the tights and my mom would tie me up while explaining to guests why this was necessary. I would probably have preferred to be caged! But at least it put an end to soiled sheets

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2021-09-29 19:55:20

I think tying up over-excited and unruly boys can be a good way of at once punishing them and calming them down. Have you tried it yet on your boys? I do think having them naked is too extreme, and could be uncomfortable for visitors to witness, as sounds to be the case in your experience. Is it to add to their humiliation? I would think being hog-tied is quite humiliating enough! However, if you want to add to their embarrassment, why not have them wear just a pair of girl's panties while tied up? Imagine their humiliation having several pairs of girlish panties in their underwear drawer, and been sent to their room to strip and change into their "punishment panties" before getting tied up for a few hours. Maybe you could make them stay in the panties even after untying them.

Posted in Were you made to wear tights/pantyhose as a boy? on 2015-05-27 16:11:13

Perhaps you are right, but I did not think it was good for me at the time! However, just the fact of having the tunic hung up in my wardrobe and several pairs of tights in my sock drawer was a constant reminder that my clothes were still decided for me by my mother or my aunt, and even if it made me feel like a sissy, I would have to wear what I was told.

Doubtless, I was more obedient and respectful because of this, which probably encouraged them to keep on putting me in tights, even as a young teenager!

Posted in Were you made to wear tights/pantyhose as a boy? on 2014-10-19 21:03:55

Hi, thanks to everyone who has taken the poll. I hope some people will add a more detailed description of their experiences in this message section. Here is one of my experiences of having to wear tights as a boy...

This happened in the late seventies when I had just become a teenager. I was quite happy when my aunt told me that I was going to be the pageboy at my (female) cousin's wedding. Note that I did not say "asked", my aunty was a formidable lady and when she decided on something, that was it!

Pageboys were not that common then, but the ones that I had seen were generally younger and wearing clothes similar to the groom's, but maybe with shorts. So being older I expected to wear something similar, but with long trousers of course.

So I was quite surprised when I was "summoned" to my aunts house with the brides maids for a measure-up ( my aunt was making the dresses). The bridesmaids were friends of my cousin, all in their late teens, and were excited. I on the other hand was somewhat confused as why I was there. This was explained by my aunt when I was being measured up; she was going to make me a tunic of the same material as the bridesmaid's dresses and showed my the satiny fabric which was a kind of lilac ( it was the seventies!)

I blushed immediately and knew that the end result was going to be sissyish but knew better to argue with my aunt. I assumed it would be worn with trousers,but was soon put right when I later asked what kind of trousers would I be wearing and my aunt firmly said "you will be wearing tights, dear."

I tried arguing with my mum later, but she just said it was my aunty's decision and that I would have to discuss it with her. I was determined to do this, but at the next "fitting session" I chickened out and ended up wearing the tunic with ribbed white tights. The tunic had a round collar, long sleeves which puffed out at the end before ending in a snug cuff, and a sash belt made of the same material which my aunt tied in a bow at my back. The skirted part flared slightly and came down to mid-thigh. My aunt had done a good job but that was no consolation, I was going to look a right sissy!

Posted in Home school uniform on 2014-10-09 17:50:59

Hello, please take a look at my poll on this subject.