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Posted in Footwear habits in the household on 2016-03-31 14:55:55

im a wheelchair user. At home we bad a strict whole year - barefoot rule for all kids (me and my sibblings and also friends who visitet us, weelchair and walking kids). After school mom taked of my sport shoes, KFOS and socks allways befor the door and placed my shoes outside, socks and KFOS inside beside the door. Other kids had to leave shoes and socks outside also, wheelchair for weelchair users my mom or their parents had to help. I have only minimal feeling in my feet, so for me it doesen't matter if its cold or warm. My mom allways had me to follow the same rules as my non disabled sibblings, also with this rule. I Think it was good, because i don't need something on my feet if i don't stand or walk and it made me to feel like any other child.

From kindergarten to the end of primary school i was also in bare feet at school, because i couldn't wear open slippers on my feet because of spasm in the ankles and toes, and only socks wheren't aloud.

if you like write me: kevinstahl@bluewin.ch

Posted in Falaka in school alternative to paddling on 2016-01-24 14:46:22


I wait for your message (: (if you feel like)


Posted in Falaka in school alternative to paddling on 2016-01-15 19:09:14

Dear R.J.

Do you have mail or better skype? if yes please contact me there! Thanks!

Posted in Falaka in school alternative to paddling on 2016-01-02 17:27:35

Maybe it sounds strange to you but im in a wheelchair since 4 and the only Corpora punishment ive got was the falaka (because i have to sit the whole day my bottom was spanked rarely at home). If i got the falaka the teacher told me to wheel to his deks and first apologise for my misbeheavior. Then he told me to face the class and told a student to take of my slippers and raise my feet. Ive got 10 blows minimum and max 20 with a flat wooden ruler like all other kids.

kevinstahl@bluewin.ch if you like to discuse a bit (would be interesting for me!)

Posted in Punishment story 2 only for physicaly disabled on 2015-10-05 14:53:25


Interesting Pools you have!

Interested in share some experiences beeide mr poll?