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Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2015-08-30 20:59:48

Hey smaxam yes I have. Did it to a guy who made the mistake of picking a fight with me by gettin all up in my face and tellin me he was gonna whoop my $%!@ like he did my little bro. BIG mistake!

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2015-08-19 14:05:43

Lol yah Ive beaten up a few wimpy guys. It is a whole lot of fun

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2015-08-19 14:00:09

I armwrestled my big brother when we were younger, at a pool party and I won lol. He was so embarassed - he was weedy and I had bigger muscles lol

I am a 17yearold retired level 8 gymnast who has three older brothers, the oldest is 26 and I have no hope in hell of being stronger than him any time soon - he is like a solid iron monument lol. My nest oldest is 22 and is very unathletic, I can beat him in armwrestling and wrestling easy, next oldest is 19 and while he plays rugby and works out alot, he is still very used to being defeated by little sister at any strength test. My 19 yearold brother took it hard for a bit that I could kick his butt, but he got used to it and I am really close with all my siblings so I'm not nasty about it which I guess helps. 22yearold bro has a great sense of humor, fights back (I dunno why lol) and tends to enjoy wrestling with his muscular little sister lol (don't worry none of its dodgy! lol). My 26year old bro is big time into fitness girls and female strength. He is currently messing around with a drop dead gorgeous gym babe who has bigger biceps than I've ever seen on a girl! He is so proud of me, loves to watch me kick $%!@ and is always encouraging me and giving me pointers on weight training and working out etc. There's totally nothing wrong with being weaker than your little sister, it doesnt make you a loser even if you are her big brother by three years lol. It will suck a whole lot if there is animosity between the two of you, this should be discouraged and only positive, healthy interaction etc encouraged. Female muscles are incredibly beautiful I feel and girls should be made to feel proud of their toned, solid physique if they have it. I don't agree with drug enhanced body building or unhealthy fitness/figure related competition on any level. But female muscle and strength is something that should be celebrated by guys and girls. It shouldn't be a matter of inferiority, thats just stupid and unproductive. For guys and girls in intimate relationships it can be a great aspect of physical intimacy. For brothers and sisters its a bit different, playful competition is fine, but if a guy has a sister who is muscley and powerful, support and encourage her. Any questions or further thought, email me kieraharrison91@gmail.com :)