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Posted in Cell phone age on 2007-08-08 22:27:42

Have you considered the possibility that your parents don't want you to have a phone because they fear you will run up their bill? I highly doubt the cleanliness of your room is a deciding factor on this issue. You might make more headway by offering to pay for the phone yourself, perhaps you should enlist their help to sign up for a pay-as-you-go service. Showing a bit of maturity on this issue will probably get you farther than guilt tactics (7-year olds have one) or grandiose gestures (the mega room cleaning).

Posted in DECISIONS TO HELP OR NOT TO HELP- BASED ON HATRED on 2007-05-08 00:13:55

You seem to be completely skipping over what I suspect is the #1 reason that a bystander would not jump into a fight -- fear and self preservation. If anyone asked me why I choose not to intervene in the situations you are describing, it would have nothing to do with my race, the victim's race or the aggressor's race. It would have everything to do with my estimation of how much danger I'd be putting myself in by attempting to assist the victim. I suspect if you added that to your list of responses, the race issue would play little or no factor for most people.

Posted in BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC on 2006-08-14 22:38:46

Babies are human beings too - I think the idea of forcing anyone to eat in a public restroom disgusting. Why would you consider it even remotely appropriate for force an infant to eat in a place as unhygienic as that? You have a ridiculously skewed view of breastfeeding as some sort of exhibitionism, which it is not. You need to grow up and stop inflicting your patheticly prudish views on others.

Posted in men and porn on 2006-06-09 23:20:08

I'm with you on this, it's sad and quite scary how many men use porn regularly (2/3rds of them), think abusing women while making porn is ok (half of them), think the language used about women is acceptable (3/4ths of them) and think violence in the bedroom is acceptable (almost 3/4ths of them). A lot to ponder the next time a woman goes on a date, hoping to meet Mr. Right.

Posted in masturbation by diapered toddlers on 2006-04-18 18:17:56

I know, big assumption on this site, but anyway... my son is 4 years old and has played with himself for as long as I can remember. He has been giving himself erections since he was under 1 year old. Pretty much any time his clothes are off now, he will touch his privates in some fashion. I do not punish him for doing it, I try to treat it as a normal behavior. I usually tell him to stop and I will try to put his clothes back on him. If he continues I tell him to stay in his room until he's ready to be dressed. Getting too worked up about this type of thing and punishing it is what gives people complexes and makes them ashamed of nudity and sexuality.