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Posted in Boys that are Girly on 2011-12-06 14:22:12
My friends and I were walking in the street. Suddenly 20 girls caught us and dragged us into a house. We were dressed like real girls (even the underwear) Then we got given makeup. They took photos of us and said that if we do not go to that house every saturday and sunday for them to dress us up they will post the photos on facebook. Luckily my friend stole her camera. XD and shaved a girls hair.

One day I asked a girl if she could give me some girls clothes so I could crossdress. I liked it, then one day, I went to the school in a pink princess dress with high heels. All the boys laughed at me but the girls did not. They thaught I was brave to go to school in it so they payed me £100 and asked if I could go to thier house that evening. I agreed. They dressed me up as a maid, a princess, and a model. Then one girl dressed me up as a school girl. She streightened my hair, gave me makeup, and tights to go with my girly shoes.

Posted in boy dressing as girl on 2011-08-05 12:25:06

...At the end of the day, We went to the girls house, she only wanted to put makeup on us. We allowed that. We looked like 100% girls By the way the girl's name was Emna. She said there is only 2 weeks until school starts. Emna recomended that we went to a girls only school. I told her that we have boy voices. She then said:[I'll teach you how to talk like a girl. just come to my house every day at 5pm] in 12 days time, Emna took us to the girl school (girl paridice). She told the headteacher that we lost our parents in a plane crash. She also told her our new names (Mine was Sara Erric's was Molly and Callum's was Daisy). The head teacher said school starts in 2 days at 8:30 am. Two days later... We went to school and learnt maths and science. When school was over, we walked to the train station with Emna. When the train was approaching the station a gand of boys beat us (Me Erric Callum and Emna) up. We got up and tryed to catch up with the train but it was too fast. A member of the station staff asked us if we were ok. I was too dizzy to speak and I fell on to the tracks I was pulled back onto the platform just before an express train passed at 80mph... The next train was at 4:10 We could not wait so we got on the 291. A boy tryed to hit me so I pulled his pants down. We got kicked off the bus. We had to walk for 10 mins before we reached home. The next morning, Erric and Callum felt sick so I put on a pink dress then put my hijab on. I got my school bag then walked to school. On the way, a boy took off my hijab. He did not recognise me because I had my hair streightned and I makeup on. I put my hijab back on and continued to walk to school. At 3:30 I got the train home. I met Emna outside my house. Her face was all blue. She told me she had been beaten up...

Posted in boy dressing as girl on 2011-08-05 07:36:11

...The next day, Holly came to our house, she told us Sabrina wanted to se us . Sabrina jumped out of a bush supprised that we are wearing girl's clothes. She asked if we wanted to join her fake girl's army, we agreed. she took us there and said to all of the girls that we were boys. One of the girl's said:[I am so proud of you boys! Can you come to my house tonight so I can play dress up with you?] We said yes. Sabrina said that we could keep our female muslim clothes on but we had to put a pink berret on top of our hijab. We did so...

Posted in boy dressing as girl on 2011-08-05 07:25:40

...On that same day, I was called by the tunisian police (I was in london but my parents dyed on holiday) The policeman said: [ I am a sorry because die your pearents on bus crash] I said: [Don't worry I can speak in french] He cut off... I turned to Erric and Callum and said: [My idea is we pretend we like makeovers so they then think that is not working] Callum said: [What a pathettic idea but its the only option. IF there was another option I would kick your arse hole!] So We (Callum, Erric and I) walked a bit down the road to a girl's only house. I knocked on teh door. The girl (Mayara) Opened it. She said: [Girls only!] Then I said:[We want a makeover] So we went in and Mayara got some tape out but Erric said: [No need for that! We like makeovers] The plan had worked just as I planned it. Mayara gave us some clothes. She said to us: [Close your eyes] So we did and when we opened them, we were dressed up like female muslims. We had female kaftans on (black) and we had hijabs on (the ones that show just the face(black) then Mayara took us upstairs to her shoe room. She got all the black shoes out and chose us to pick them. Erric chose black high heels, Callum chose black boots and I chose black flat girly shoes that has one strap that goes accross. Because my shoes left a slight bit of my leg showing, Mayara gave me some tights. Then she gave us some black gloves (made out of a special material) then she asked us if we wanted our hair streightened, we said :[Yes]. So she too our hijabs off and streightened our hair then she put the hijab back on and said goodbye to us. We left walking down the street. Holly saw us. She did not recognise us at all. We walked over to her and asked her if she could give us a pmonths supply of lipstick and mascara. She gave us the supply and said: [Who are you?] We said: [We are Erric Callum And Redemption] She said: [You like makeovers?] She fainted. So we walked home with our supply of makeup. ...