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Posted in Sons who are bathed by their mothers on 2011-07-09 20:42:58

At home I remember sharing a bath with my little brother upto age 12, by then he was 7. Usually my mum just washed him but on holiday we had quick baths everyday to wash the sand off, etc. To speed things up, my mum would treat us the same. She would wash him down from head to toe then I had to stand up while my mum put soap on a cloth for me. She then washed me the same, doing my front including my privates, then I turned round so she could do the back including my bottom. When I protested that I wanted to clean myself she said I was too slow, she only stopped when I was age 13. I remember getting an involuntary erection in the bath and that was the end of that.

Posted in Guys/Girls- PANTSING!!! on 2011-07-09 16:43:40

I grew up with two older sisters who pulled my shorts down a couple of times when I was 9 or 10. But when I was 11 and 12 they did it lots of times, knowing it embarrassed me so much. Once I was stood in front of my mum talking to her as she was sat in a armchair, suddenly one of my sisters grabbed the bottom of my shorts and pulled them right down to my ankles. When I bent down to pull them back up she grabbed the back of my undies and pulled them down too exposing my bum. I was so embarrassed but mum just laughed it off. A few times my sisters would pull me to the ground and while one sat on my chest, the other would unbutton and unzip my trousers, then either pull them down to my knees or take them right off and laugh at my underwear. The worst thing they did was to attack me on bath nights when it was too warm to wear a dressing gown so all I was wearing was my pajamas. My mum never allowed me or my brother to wear underpants under pajamas, something that I never questioned. They only did it twice, out of sight of my parents, and on both occasions my eldest sister grabbed my arms while my other sister gently tugged on my pj bottoms which is all it took to leave them round my ankles. They were then removed followed by my pj top., after a laugh at my nudity they let me go to get dressed. They must have pantsed or stripped me about 10 times over two years but stopped after the age of 12. They had the decency to know it was no longer acceptable as I entered puberty.

Posted in ripping or tearing clothes (boys only) on 2011-07-09 16:09:10

There are definitely boys out there who love to rip other boys clothes because it happened to my nephew when he was 14. He was bullied a lot at high school but I didn't know how bad until I was at my sister's when he came home from school upset. On the bus home he was slapped and spat on and told by the bullies they would get him when he got off the bus. He said that 6 boys grabbed him and began grabbing his clothes, they ripped his shirt open and began tearing at his trousers. When he got home his trousers were torn on both sides from below his waistband to his knees. They were also torn across the front and back exposing his underwear which was also slightly torn. Apparently some older boys had put a stop to the attack, thank god or I don't know how far they would have gone in ripping his clothes. Needless to say he finally changed schools as the story of his being bullied came out in full.

This is a true story that happened when I was 11 and I was too embarrassed to tell my mum or my auntie so they got away with it. My auntie wa and fors staying with us for a week and brought all 4 of her brats with her. On bath night we were all in my sister Julie's attic bedroom. She was age 12 then, there was my other sister age 14, my little brother age 6 and my 4 cousins, 3 girls and a boy. My mum shouted up that it was bath time and for me and my brother to get in together first. Well, my 3 female cousins immediately began undressing my brother who was young enough not to mind being naked in front of 5 girls. I stupidly sat and watched, waiting to lead him to the bathroom. As soon as he was naked they said it was now my turn. They approached me and began pulling off my tshirt, as I resisted someone was undoing my jeans and my male cousin was pulling off my shoes and socks. I tried to get free but didn't stand a chance, ending up on the floor pinned down in my undies with my jeans being pulled down. As they were taken off I begged them to leave my undies on. They ignored me and took them off, keeping me pinned down for a second to laugh at me totally naked with my privates on full show. When they let go I ran to the bathroom with my brother, I sulked for ages over what they did.