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Kelly.......Damn right!

I disagree and Im sure Jen, Kelly and others will to. I for one love hearing about Jen girls and there adventures and although she hasnt posted in a while I hope she will continue. I am totally up to hearing any stories they have and I am willing to write my own stories about my girls. Who the $%!@ are you to tell anyone what to do or to judge about others and what they do or say?

Kinky Kelly Thats great and now that my grand is 12 she is doing drugs as well she is also trying to get her bf to start. She smokes pot and does cocaine, are u still doing drugs? how bout your friend?

Not sure what has happen to this stream but I will write this anyway and hope its still going. My grand is now up 2ppd and is also now smoking weed and doing cocaine as well as selling so needless to say she is always smoking, I have also noticed recently she is nearly chain smoking. Also the $%!@ing and sucking has increased as she $%!@s her bf and other guys often and most of them smoke or do coke and her older drug using friend is encouraging her more. Both are in gangs and do alot of fighting, drinking, dealing and grand has even found a place where she can freely get cigarettes and alcohol just like she is an adult. I encourage this and love to see clerks that will do this as the one where she normally goes, he is early 20s maybe 22-23 and he will just do it. She has sucked and $%!@ed him just to get bottles without paying of course something else we encourage.

Jen....Thanks for the update and I have to say $%!@ yeah that sounds so $%!@ing nice, its nice she has a coke dealing bf isnt it? Is she dealing any yet? I also like that L wanted to have friends over and do that stuff that had to be fun to see the little ones rubbing themselfs and smoking and I hope talking lots of nasty profanity. How much is L smoking now? still the same? I hope her friends enjoy it.