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Hummm family is involved and think nothing of it. Idk if I would get family outside of household family involved but thats me/us. I actually dont think grand would even go that route as she hates most of the family anyway. Anyway she would rather do it with (besides her bf) strangers for money which she has been doing lately every night.

Jen responding to both here....I do think Kelly would agree, I Love that K did that and i will bet she did do some lines, how much coke does she do now? IDK if i mentioned my grand has started doing cocaine and she does lines quite often and loves it. K sounds pretty much like my grand with all the money she is making from $%!@ing (like a hooker) my grand is the same exact way nothing is off limits as far as $%!@ing but she does have a preference about guys though. Also as far as L principal I agree on i bet he thinks its hot that Laila was caught sucking $%!@. I love the way you handled it just by pretending to give a $%!@ but doing nothing. Forget corupting the grown men your daughter is corupting all these other kids with all her $%!@ sucking which i am betting they enjoy. I mean what 6th grader doesnt like a kindergartener sucking them off. I know my grands bf would $%!@ing enjoy it and he will be going into 6th himself. How much is L smoking now? Is she doing coke yet?

Grand doesnt have to teach neighbor girl she already smokes which is a plus. Sounds like K had a good time and shes a good little hooker, good for her! I agree it sure sounds like she loves sucking $%!@ again good for her! Love that she has a reputation to uphold and is doing a good job with that.

Love what Laila did that is great and risky, love it! She was suspended oh well so? That should not be a discouragement for her which i am sure it wont be lol. You did the right thing with pretending to be upset at her but proud. i am proud of her to. She did what my grand would of done get in the car and light up and play with her $%!@ $%!@ing love it. She is 5 right?

Both of yours do coke? wow I guess i missed something there not bad and yes maybe they should use it more regularly? How often do they use it now? The neighbor girl is 8.

Jen Good to hear from you. Not sure what that plan is for but kind of original although i doubt mine could do that. lol. Does L still smoke/$%!@ how is that going? That part with the uncle is kind of hot and 500 Nice its almost like prostituting and for one "customer" that is alot and great money. Hope to hear more from you about this and now I will tell a little update about mine, she is doing drugs now more and loved hearing about K doing them. She is smoking 2 ppd, a little cocaine and even some weed. We also recently got our young neighbor girl into cocaine she seems to enjoy it and has taken to it quick.