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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2020-05-21 08:54:55

Sandpaper on the genitals sounds horrid, I imagine days and even weeks of continual soreness and sensitivity after a sanding punishment. But that's the point. Severe physical punishment for repeated and/or grave misdeeds = dramatic reassertion of adult power. And a major deterrent. Only thing is, if the adults want to tackle root causes of aberrant behavior in their younglings, genital punishment doesn't achieve anything...you all know my recommendation.

Posted in The incident at Bethesda-Chevy-Chase High School on 2020-04-07 12:14:05

FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T READ CLOSELY: The "can't vote" questions are immediately duplicated in votable form. TO AWAYNESS ET AL: To claim that there's "nothing we can do about it except hit them [whatever "hit" means in this context!]" is an abdication of one's humanity and sanity, and an insult to/denial of other people's. When these people (if they can be considered as human!) demand and get any measure of power, we must recognize it as a declaration of war on the rest of the world by a self-appointed elite, and respond by giving them the "war" they so crave...I think you take my meaning.

Posted in Why don't people get this? on 2020-03-31 08:04:21

AIRGOD, either you endorse the criminalization of every doctor who ever gave an enema, suppository or rectal thermometer to a child, or you accept that your Definition #2 is complete and utter $%!@. (And if it's on the statute books, it's null and void for being based on a false premise).

There are some words you just don't stretch the meaning of - and two of them are:

"rape" (it can only mean violent penetration with a $%!@ or dildo, because non-violent "manipulation" of a person into "sex" is not "assault" except in the minds of the dangerously-mentally-abnormal, especially those infected by the poison of religion); and

"sexual organ" (by simple logic it can only mean "genital"). That is why we used to, in slightly more sensible times, have in law separate offences for things with "buggery without consent".

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2020-03-29 16:31:33

I personally wouldn't have allowed the $%!@ing thing - it subverts the whole idea of punishment, surely - but as you may know I fully approve of the punishment enema. In fact that's the important part - the spanking just venting of frustration, you actually tackle the root cause of his misbehavior by forcibly inserting up his smellhole in order to make him do some dung. (But I wouldn't let the girls do the enema/suppository adminstering, that's the parent's responsibility - and, if anything, you should be doo-ing the girls too!)

Posted in Potty Training on 2019-12-11 15:33:06

Looking again at that Potty Training Jukebox list - songs which in some way sound excremental / "suppositorial - I've noticed there are some major omissions

I was born in the '70s - and my mother always used to take a handheld radio into the bathroom - so,,, There are songs which, for that reason, I associate in my mind with suppository insertion (taking place in the bathrooms of the house we lived in from 1977-80). These include Abba's "Money Money Money" (in that context, the proximity of the words "do" and "little" are unfortunate), Leo Sayer's "When I Need You" (you figure it out), Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" (at that age, I interpreted her high-notes as cries of pain) and...Paul McCartney's "Mull of Kintyre" - the first time I remember noticing that song (which, like everybody else, I heard as "Mulligan Tyres") was hearing it on the radio when I'd just been put in the bath after doing a big loppy dooey in my nappy-pants...about ten minutes after being subjected to an especially horrific pursuit, capture, restraining and "doing" - with a jelly-bomber suppository, in the same bathroom.

Something I'd forgotten about: There's a Frank Zappa album which has a set of cartoons / photo-montages about the danger of "THE JELLY!" - not an explicit reference, but maybe an unconscious reference, to gelatinous glycerin suppositories (he'd been to Europe by this time, after all). Admittedly in the cartoon of panic-stricken people being pursued by "THE JELLY!" it appears to be a car. But in some related illustrations "THE JELLY!" takes the shape of a "doll's foot" - and there is a cartoon in which a giraffe, having been distracted with the aid of a radio (playing Captain Beefheart - when does he ever get played on the radio?) is approached from behind, by an apparently live JELLY in its doll's foot shape, which subjects the giraffe to "A BIG SURPRISE": an obviously-painful $%!@ penetration.