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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2019-03-28 19:14:33

Today I've tried to use this website on two PCs - and two types of browser. And I have not been able to edit my latest poll into presentable form.

The problem I am having is definitely with the website, not the PC or the browser (see above).

(a) The poll I attempted to create apparently cannot include multiple-choice questions or fill-in-the-blank questions - only essays. (b) I am being prevented from editing or deleting questions (javascript void)!

Posted in MALE RAPE! on 2019-02-27 07:41:54

This thread is full of messages from crazy people who don't even have a basic understanding of the human body. To be raped is to be forcibly penetrated vaginally, orally or $%!@. A woman cannot rape a man, except with a strap-on up his butthole. A woman cannot force a man to penetrate her because it is physically impossible for a man to penetrate unless he has a hard-on - and man does not get a hard-on without being sexually excited. Therefore - penetration is not physically painful for the man doing the penetrating. And unless he is mentally inadequate, a man cannot be "disturbed" or "frightened" by penetrating, because whatever position they're in, whatever "relationship" they have, he is always the one wielding physical power. Fact.

Posted in MALE RAPE! on 2019-02-08 00:42:14

Englishguy - you've no proof that either of these posters are real rape victims, but even if they are - this is a moral principle all humans need to be aware of -

Your sensitivities are your problem, but not ours! Because whatever you or your ancestors might have suffered, you do not have the right to censor other people's communications. Because you do not have special privileges, you are not part of an elite.

(My first thought when I see threads like this on MrPoll: where are doctor-brown and raymond-pistachio when we really need them?)

Posted in Incest on 2019-02-08 00:40:16

If Kal-el is still out there I wish he'd clarify what happened and how it affected him then and now (e-mail me maybe?)

Posted in Childhood constipation treatments - 2 on 2019-01-30 13:12:13

Dirtgirl (previously Suzi F)

Parents should never stop examining and keeping a record of their kids' bowel movements - take a tip from the vet on YouTube, ensure the kids co-operate in monitoring the excrement noting its color consistency shape and smell as well as quantity. From infancy to early adolescence, your policy on the kids' bowel schedule should be "daily, without fail" and secondarily "on my time, every time". Reserve the right to use force to put a suppository in them or put an $%!@ stimulator up their smell-chute to make them do mucky-muck at a time of your decision. That bank advert about "this is for the do-ers" is coming in handy, I'm saying to Melly that there are those that "do" on the lavatory one or two times a day, and those that "wait", witholding, making themselves constipated, until someone grabs hold of them and forces something up their smellhole to make them do some muck