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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-09-16 13:33:35

Been looking at the sw347 messages again - over the years I've become more comfortable with parents administering or commissioning unambiguously rape-y $%!@ punishments (especially of girls: females have a greater need for that as a rite-of-passage). From experience I think it should be introduced, with suitable "tools", way before the teens.

As for the named topic, c.u.n.t-spanking for me is an exclusively early-in-life, pre-teen, punishment - performed with something small and suitable for precisely hitting the area e.g wooden spoon or flexible kitchen spatula

PS https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/642479/

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-09-16 13:12:12

As always I'm going to say that whichever way you spank, it's a good idea, because of the bowels/brain/bad behavior connection, to follow the spanking by clearing out her dung-passage - either a soapy enema (from a bag with a threatening phallic nozzle), or just ram in a ginger-enhanced soap-suppository, or a bisacodyl one.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-07-11 09:25:37

Munik - you'd have to either e-mail me for the full story, or just scroll through my profile/messages and take an educated guess

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-07-06 18:05:53

When I became a mother, over a period of nearly ten years I had to overcome my inhibitions (i.e: my unpleasant memories of being punished in certain ways) and grow into enjoying inflicting punishment - on my daughter, my second-cousin, and, briefly, some kids I used to babysit.

Looking back, even before the turning-point-event that occurred when my daughter was 8 years old, I'd started looking for petty excuses to deal out physical punishment. But the only time I ever punished $%!@ion was a long time ago, and $%!@ion wasn't the actual "offence", just the fact she was fiddling absent-mindedly in adult company.

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Posted in Genital Spanking on 2022-07-06 17:56:32

Obv $%!@ion doesn't come into it in this family.

Again, the wooden spoon is probably the handiest tool for $%!@spanking.

Pleased that someone else on this thread brought up ginger paste, which, inserted $%!@, is a good way to enhance spanking-and-suppository-punishment (it improves the "punitive" and "purgative" functions)