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Posted in Should kids be spanked at 13? on 2011-12-08 05:44:22

I get spanked by mom and daddy in my briefs and briefs down with belt or their hands or hand spankings and belt spankings in the same punishment, in the diaper position or in fours in my bed I am a 13 years kid

Posted in age to stop getting spanked on 2011-11-07 05:22:00

I don't think so, at 15 you still are a child. At 13, ok i don't say more, is enough, is obviously.

Sometimes there are some boys who looks like older, but others clearly are still children. But the problem is not the look, is the behavior. And if nasty children must be spanked for bad behavior, is the same with these children older than 12 years.

Is very common to listen some teens saying in their defence that nobody is still spanked at that age. And many things like they aren't babies yet... Hey guys, let me tell you that this is the problem, there are many nasty boys like you with not a red and sore bottom, acting like truly babies, while many others teen are growing up in the good way.

Think about it, don't be blind in front of reality. I know many children between ages of 13 and 15 who gets a good spanking (with belt, hand or any instrument) in their briefs or bare bottom when they are bad.

And at 13, I am one of them.


Posted in pullups and diapers on 2011-11-06 15:54:48

what do you thinks about the spankings during the diaper changing?, if the behavior of the kid is not good or if they wear diapers as punishment etc.

hello friend. in fact the diaper changing position is very used in many countries. and each parent has a way of apply for hand spanking, whipping with the belt, with or without underwear, etc.. sincerely when mommy or daddy spank me the least of my worry is if they are seeing my private parts, they always do. really the thing that worries me during punishment is the pain in my buttocks.

greetings friend, hope you're well, and neither spank us.