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Posted in Penis size - What women really think on 2019-05-02 03:56:37

Here are the scientifically-proven facts regarding adult $%!@ length & girth:

Average erect length is 5.17", and average erect girth is 4.59".

Science-based $%!@ size comparison calculator:


$%!@ length & girth charts, based on scientific studies:



Posted in Male experimenting on 2019-05-01 22:58:42

Me too. I experienced my first dry orgasm when I was 5. First ejaculation happened when I was 11. Didn't start getting pubes until I was 13-14, though. Also - my dry orgasms were WAY, WAY more intense than my ejaculatory orgasms, and they were multi-peak, full-body orgasms. Plus, I was multi-orgasmic. I could just keep going & experience as many dry orgasms in a row as I could handle.

All of that disappeared after my first ejaculation. My ejaculatory orgasms were single-peak, they were no longer full-body, they were nowhere near as intense, and I lost my multi-orgasmic ability.

I was NOT happy! :(

Posted in Do you shave your pubic hair? on 2018-04-03 05:49:24

I'm a guy. On request of my girlfriend at the time, I shaved mine back when I was in my late 20s. But I found that I got all itchy & scratchy down there if I didn't keep myself smooth as a baby's butt down there. I found that to be way more of a hassle than I wanted to put up with, so I let 'em grow wild again, and have done so ever since. I'll never shave 'em again, for another reason. I'm a redhead with red pubes. Less than 2% of the world's population has red hair, and even fewer have red pubes. Plus, I also have blue eyes. Red hair w/blue eyes is the rarest hair/eye color combination there is. Red hair w/red pubes and blue eyes is even more rare. Only a very small percentage of us gingers are red on top & bottom & also have blue eyes. :)

Posted in Penis size - What women really think on 2018-03-28 04:14:56

Anyone with a shred of critical-thinking skills knows that these types of polls are always heavily skewed. Size-queens are FAR more motivated to participate in polls like this than the majority of women are. It's clearly obvious just by looking at the percentages who claim they'd dump a guy or cheat on him, just because he isn't hung like a horse.

Also, the question regarding the LONGEST erect $%!@ you've ever experienced is another giveaway that the results are total BS. ALL unbiased, scientific studies regarding $%!@ size agree that the world-wide average is less than 6" long when erect. 6.3" falls into the 95th percentile - which means that only 5 out 100 adult males have an erect $%!@ larger than 6.3".

Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for 40% of women to have experienced a 7"-8 1/2" $%!@, 27% to have experienced a 9"-10.5" $%!@, and 15% to have experienced a 10"+ $%!@.

Math & science ALWAYS rule - and the numbers above just don't add-up.

But then, "E-$%!@" length is typically at least 2" longer & 1" or more larger in girth than reality.

Posted in First time Masturbating (guys only) on 2018-03-25 02:50:51

I was 5. Figured it out by accident. I had been getting erections for over a year. One time, I decided to touch myself down there. That felt really, really good so I kept doing it. Within seconds, I felt this extremely intense & wonderful feeling building up inside of me. It became so intense that I couldn't handle it, so I stopped touching myself. But the feelings kept getting stronger & stronger until my entire body started to convulse from each wave of extreme pleasure. Seconds later, the feelings reached such an intense peak that I nearly fainted. I had just experienced my first dry orgasm!

I had no idea what had just happened to me, but I knew that I wanted to feel that wonderful feeling again - as soon as possible! So, I started touching myself again. Within a few seconds, I felt that strange but wonderful feeling building up again. But this time I didn't stop. Seconds later, I experienced an even more intense dry orgasm.

I was worried that it may be a one-time deal, so I did it again. Sure enough, the wonderful feeling returned! I gave myself that wonderful feeling 10 times in a row! I was really happy to learn that I could give myself such a wonderful feeling whenever I wished, and as many times in a row as I wished. And I did so at every opportunity throughout my childhood years! I was a very happy little kid! :D