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Draft Board Physicals/ Military Group Medical Exams


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For most boys, myself includedm the draft physical was the first group physical experience.

From what I have read over the years your point about rectal inspections is probably correct. At some examining centers everyone got the finger treatment (DRE), but most centers including the ones I reported conducted visual inspection only.

I can't decide if there was simply a lot of attention focused on both gential and rectal exams, or if those procedures are simply the ones remembered the most

An annual pre-induction exam was not uncommon for those with student deferments. Generally, just the half day medical portion was required.

Your experiences were quite typical of the Vietnam War era exams. The one exception might be your having worn undershorts for the exercises. Most men remember having to drop shorts and perform the exercises nude.

If you are interested, we now have started a "non-adult" discussion board to further discuss the draft physical experience


Your postings at that location would be most appreciated

Most everyone who went thru the pre-induction exams felt they had a unique experience, but as they have taken time to post their memories, it is shown that more things were similar, than different.

Probably a lot of the indignities were to indoctrinate new recruits into the military methods, but some things such as singling out only certain boys in the groups to remain nude, were probably done for humiliation and punishment.

Feel welcome to join the discussion group on draft board physical exams, and please take the time to share your memories.


Posted in Physical exams on 2002-11-11 15:16:06

Josh, don't feel unique in your detailed recollection of your draft board physicals. I moderate a Yahoo discussion group on Group-Physicals, and interestingly, hundreds of stories, similar to yours have been shared. If you are interested in reading similar memories, use the Misterpoll search function and enter "draft board". There is a link to the Yahoo site by my name as poll owner.

And yes, I was one of those with a bashful bladder, holding onto an empty pee jug, while everyone else was screaming. Unlike your exam, everyone had to stand in formation, britches down, until all had contributed their "brew"

Tom, I agree entirely that universal military service should include females, but that will never happen in our lifetime. Our society mores will never allow a thousand 18 to 20 y/o females to be formed up wearing bras and panties (or less), to be examined like chickens at the poultry plant. You will just never find Senators in Washington, voting for a draft which might put some slight indignities on their grand daughters.