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Posted in Wearing sneakers and shoes very loose on 2011-07-28 16:35:00

Even switching seats in the cinema is dangerous. I did just that but forgot my shoes. I took them off when we took our first seat but when the movie ended there were no shoes there anymore. I was wearing white socks and had to look someone up with a flashlight wearing no shoes. When i found someone from the staff she helped me look for the shoes but found nothing. I suspected my friends of hiding them, and maybe they did.. but my shoes didn't magically re-appear, so in the end we left the cinema and i still wasn't wearing shoes.

Posted in Going Home In Socks on 2011-05-05 06:01:29

Nope, still got 'em!

Posted in Going Home In Socks on 2011-04-27 15:13:33

Haha, i know the problem =)

You have an idea on how to loose my all stars? They're the low model off course and i wear them far too loose =)

Posted in Going Home In Socks on 2011-04-27 15:03:25

That's good news =) But for how long u'll have them both?

Posted in Going Home In Socks on 2011-04-27 13:00:10

Lol, u have no shoes at all now?

You can pick up my shoes if u like =) U seem to be Dutch as well and u wear the same size shoes =)