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Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-11-28 19:13:54

There was this boy wat really $%!@ed me off but he was also cute. he used to tag along wiv me and the girls after skool. we started teasing him and stuff but it didnt sem 2 bovver him then lucy sed u really a guy? he sed yep y. she was like well u dont seem to have much balls. nxt day she sed to him u gonna sho us yr balls then and prov u is a guy. he was like nah. this went on for a few days and we got this plan. wendys olds was out and so we all went to hers. he was like culd he come to. we sed anh girlie stuff but he sed come on let me. we let him have to make us invite him hahaha. wen we got in we went up 2 her room. she loked the door wiv out him notice. and lucy sed ok jamie time to show us. wat he sed. ya $%!@ we all sed. wrll all but alice who bit shy and not sure. lucy strated to tryundo his belt. he pusehed her off and went 4 da door. culdnt get out. we dragged himto da bed pushed him on it. got his school blazer and tie off then his shirt. he struggled but there was 5 of us. we got his shoes n soks off he was sayin like stop ebnuf and that stuff. i undidhis belt and his trusers then unzipped him. they pulled his trusers down. he had cut boxers on wive arsenal on. that was his team. hewaslike ok girls u had ya fun now stop. a fewo fushad a feel. 2 of the girls nver seen $%!@ b4. jane was keen but alice sed no stop. jamie struggled and strted to get tears. sum of us now felt real power and we pulled his boxers off. there he was naked. sum of the girls sed tahts a samll one jamie. he went real red and was crying a bit. lucy got hold of it and pulled the skin bk. we all had a feel cept alice and it started to grow. we dared her to rub him. i put her hand round it and made her rub him. it got real hard. we all felt his balls. two of us was wanking it. then he shot his load. bukets of it we rubbed it in his balls and pubes and belly. i cleaned him up wiv his boxers and i kept them we let hi get dressed.