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Posted in Tie-Up Games (boys only) on 2010-10-05 04:08:37

What else did they do to him?

Screw the school uniforms. When we were kids, we tied each other up naked.

Posted in Return of the stocks on 2010-10-04 08:32:23

The offending boy (ages 9 to 16) should have his bladder filled before, wearing his underwear, and tickled so he wets himself. He'll never be bad again! Parents and teachers should be free to sentence a kid to the stocks. Also, they used to brine the feet and let a goat lick it off. No boy can stand that! Humiliation in this way can be a far more effective means of discipline than even spankings or anything else.

Posted in 12-year-old sex: Who's to blame? on 2010-10-03 18:46:18

Until very recently girls got married the minute they hit puberty. In the 60s, Grandma called Mom an old maid, cause she didn't marry till she was 22, and all her cousins were married by 15 or 16.

Kids are having sex at that age because its natural for them to! Whose bright idea was it to artificially extend childhood?

Posted in Trust Walk on 2010-10-03 17:00:43

Okay, you have a boy tied up helpless and blindfolded, especially at summer camp. Do mean to seriously tell me it never occured to you to tickle the little darling? Even a little, to get a giggle out of him? Councelors know which kids in their charge are especilly ticklish, and the kids even ask for it, ESPECIALLY after they've been tied up! It builds a strong bond and the child knows you really care about him when he's hundreds of miles from home.