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Im 13, and my foster mum makes me go to bed at 9 pn school nights and 9.30 friday and saturdays

Posted in UK Girl's Corporal Punishment on 2010-09-29 09:34:46

My foster mum smacks me by her hand or with a cane. My childminder does as well

Posted in Using the whip on 2010-09-27 09:00:53

My foster mum has said she might be getting a riding whip.

Posted in Should kids be spanked at 13? on 2010-09-27 08:58:18

im 13 and smacked by my foster mum. She hits you with her hand or a wooden cane which i h8. My childminder also smacks me hard and also has a wood cane.

Posted in Being babied in front of friends on 2010-09-26 10:54:07

Im a girl, 13, and when my foster mum takes me out in her car, she always makes me sit in the back in a child car harness and uses the baby locks on the doors. The first time my childminder, whos an asian lady, collected me from home to take me to her home, my foster mum walked me to her car and the lady made me get in the back and put me in her child car harness too, as my foster mum said i always have one at home. She put the locks on the doors and drove off. When we got out ot sight of my house the lady stopped the car and the other asian lady in the car with her got out and went to the back and said she needed to make the harness more secure and she did something in the back of the car which made the harness tighter so i couldnt move at all. The lady then got a headcovering for me and opened the door and made me wear it around my head and face.