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Posted in Sunday dress code for church (boys and men only) on 2012-08-14 07:24:36

Hi Mark

Sorry for the late reply (only a year!) Not sure if the problem has been solved. How regular is regular? I go to confession with my son once a month although I know he also goes at other times if he feels he has something which he needs to confess and I have, occassionally told him to go to confession if he's been very badly behaved or disobedient. It's never been a major issue as I think he appreciates the 'feel good factor' that comes from going to confession and completing a penance (as I do). There have been a couple of times I've told him to go and he hasn't and I've had to discipline him but it's not a big issue. In terms of being properly dressed I've always felt strongly that confession is a sacrament, not just a chat, and that some degree of preparation and seriousness is required and that making sure you are appropriately dressed is part of that preparation.

Posted in TO spank or not to spank on 2011-04-09 20:55:49

Hi IceMan

By doing it properly I mean that the reason for the spanking needs to be understood and agreed on and that the need for the punishment should be acknowledged. The amount of severity of the spanking in terms of 'doing it properly' depends on the reason it's being given I think and the attitude it's taken with along with age and any other punishments that might be given. I think it's very difficult to generalise about how parents should spank: pants up or down / whether it should be 6 spanks or 60 / all in one spot or spread around / additional punishments. Different people have different ways. I've tended to err on the not-too-often-but-good-and-hard side of things, but I know other people sometimes go for the the little-and-often approach.

Posted in Catholic Respect at Mass. on 2011-04-09 18:18:02

At Mass I hope that I always show respect to God, to the Mass, to the rites of the Catholic church and to my fellow parishoners. I think that many of the congregation are ignorant about how to behave at Mass, and I think this is simply because some of them don't understand the significance of what they are sometimes required to do. In this respect, the Church fails to engage with people which is a great pity. To many Catholics going to Mass once a week is all they do to be involved with their faith. It woudl be better if they spent time actively studying it and more parishes should offer study courses to adults to teach them about how to behave approprately at Mass

Posted in Corporal Punishment in Christain Schools on 2011-04-09 18:02:01

At my Catholic primary school, which was for boys and girls, corporal punishment was given in an almost entirely unregulated way depending on the teacher and the attitude of the parents. It was usually given by hand or slipper but whether it was given across your bare bottom was basically at the discretion of your teacher. Generally, if you got it in front in front of the class you'd be allowed to keep your shorts on, though the girls were likely to have their skirts lifted up. When I went to my Catholic secondary school, which was for boys only, the cane, strap and slipper were used and some classroom punishments were given bare. Again, I think this depended largely on the attitude of your parents.

Posted in Corporal Punishment in Christian Schools (Part 2) on 2011-04-09 17:46:48

Corporal punishment in all schools is illegal in the UK and has been for many years now. I experienced it at my schools in the 70s/80s and can see, particularly in retrospect, how beneficial it was to individual pupils and to the general discipline of the school. Although it was generally given across the seat of your trousers some teachers would sometimes instruct you to lower them. It was all quite straightforward and I would have no objection if my own children were similarly disciplined.