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Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2016-11-13 14:36:09

Well I would not put boys in restraints at night for obvious safety reasons (Fire etc). Nappies and lockable plastic pants and maybe thick mittens would suffice.

My mother treated me in a very extreme way so I am ambivalent about suggesting or employing anything so strict. Though some boys may benefit from being kept in petticoat style garments and being kept in nappies etc. A harness and reins can provide security for some boys. The toddler style leather harness is ideal.

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2016-11-05 19:43:19

Well my mother held my reins when walking around the shops park etc. I used to wear nappies and plastic pants as well. Usually under a short pleated skirt for convenience. I was not in restraints at night but had to wear mittens and also wore thick nappies and plastic pants to prevent any attempt at playing with myself.

My mother explained to people that I had to be kept on reins for safety reasons.

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2016-10-28 19:08:33

I wore two styles of harness, a standard baby harness but sized to fit a 15 year old boy and a harness with a crotch strap as well. The reins were clipped onto steel rings at the back of the harness.

Posted in Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) on 2016-10-24 21:41:10

I have to admit that the issue was that my mother put me in a harness and reins for safety purposes. It was not even a punishment. I would not like to admit it but when I said up to 14. In fact I was kept on a harness and reins until nearly 16 and all the time.

When I grew up I was always expected to refer to my mother as Mummy. Age did not come into it. This was part of the many things to keep me as a little boy. This was alongside my constant petticoat attire and childish smack bottoms.

Mummy always held my hand when we went out, that is when it was safe to do so. If deemed not safe I was put in a harness and reins.