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Posted in Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only) on 2010-11-26 01:20:53

That is it! I have seen to many of these things saying that scissors are perfect! I'm just going to tell everyone the largest flaw that will make them useless on some one without brittle bones. You put your arms over were they try to scissor! Your arms are some of the least pain feeling areas in the body. The only bone harder is the thigh bone which is harder than concreat so that is a pretty hard bone. Plus it's easier to push out of a scissors than it is to pull. Even if you can't get out the scissors won't hurt that much so the person will give up trying to tap you out with them. Trust me on this I speak from exsperince.

Posted in Mixed Wrestling Stories on 2010-11-25 02:45:29

I love to wrestle my girlfriend. The first time we wrestled was when we were just friends. She challanged me to a wrestling match and I accepted. We made a bet. Whoever won got the other as his or her slave for a month. I wore just street clothes and she wore panties and a bra. What she didn't know was that I had taken a crash course in most fighting styles. She was super detirmined to win and thought she could obliterate me. She started off my charging at me and I side stepped and took her down with a judo leg sweep. I flipped her over and picked her up and put her in a very well set headlock. I asked her if she wanted to give up and she said no. So I let her out and put her in a tight bearhug. She was screaming in pain but still refused to tap. After a while I gave up and dropped her to the floor. Then I put her in a STU hopeing to tap her out that way. She was screaming and screaming but just wouldn't tap. Finally I got an idea. I let her out and wrapped her up in a neat little hold I made. I coiled my legsaround one of hers put her in a sleeper hold and used my other arm to hold her arms behind her. She kept screaming and whimpering and finally once I poured on the pressure she tapped. The whole thing took half a hour give or take. When I let go I asked if she was ok. She was sore in every joint for weeks after that. We have wrestled lots of times since but now I just pin her down and make her say I'm stronger.