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Posted in Tickling Experiences on 2011-10-10 11:03:41

Which commercial is that, I really like to see it.

Posted in Tickling Experiences on 2011-10-10 10:57:38

This is an experience from a while back that I will never forget. I was 14 years old and every tuesday went to a piano teacher named Joni, who was 21 years old. (by the way, I am female.) Anyway, about a couple weeks into our lessons, she found out that I was deathly ticklish. So now I wore sleevless tops to everyone of my lessons. Since our lessons were 45 minutes long, for the last 15 minutes, we would play a game. She would choose a song for me to play and I would see how far I could play into the song without stopping while she tickled my sides and armpits. Then she would play the song and I would tickle her. Joni would always choose songs that had chords in a high range and in a low range, so that my hands would be spread apart exposing my armpits and she could get her fingers into the hollows of my armpits and go to town, making me either yank my arms of the keyboard or somehow bear it. Then Joni had to play the same song. But since her arms and fingers were longer, she was able to keep her upper arms pinned to her body. Joni had a younger brother who yas 17 and very cute. He would hang around for the game and when Joni won,( which she always did), he would scoop me off the piano bench and although I giggled and squirmed carry me over to the couch, tie my arms above my head and then roll up my shirt. He always made a big deal about rolling up my shirt saying things like,"I see your belly," or," Are you ready?" And then he would go to town on my belly and armpits while I laughed hysterically untill Joni would insist that it be her turn. And then he would sit with my feet in his lap and tickle my soles. Before Joni's brother helped tickle, Joni and I would play that when I lost, I would sit backwards on the piano bench and she had two metal clamps on either side of the piano keyboard and she would clamp my wrists into those clamps and tickle my belly and armpits. But that didn't work for long, because I would laugh and wriggle so much that it would tip the piano bench. During the learning part of the lesson her brother would tickle my feet under the piano bench untill I was laughing so hysterically, that Joni would make him go away. And well, he must have liked me because he married me and he tickles me all the time and everyone once and a while we relive that scene and he ties me on the couch and lets me have it! Of course, he is not ticklish, so I can't get any revenge. We go to the beach often and he likes to bury my arms above my head and my thighs so that he has open access to my belly, armpits, and feet. I have a wonderful ticklish life!

At some gym I was at, these two women decided to have a wrestling match. They were both wearing sports bras and shorts in bare feet. Someone blew a whistle and they started to wrestle. They were both very good at staying on their feet, but suddenly the one women grabbed the other and held the womens arms in a lock, so that one was straight out and the other was over her head touching her other shoulder. (Don't worry it was not painful at all) Anyway, the first women somehow held her like this with one arm and with her free hand, starting wiggling her fingers in the helpless women's exposed armpit. The ticklee started shrieking with laughter and wiggling her hips all around helplessly. The first women then started to tickle her bare belly, causing even more laughter and giggling. All the people around started laughing and some of them joined in, tickling her feet and legs too. Finally, someone took pity on her and tickled the first women. They found out that she was even more ticklish and let the second women tickle her! In the end, they were both even and left the gym smiling. They both admitted later that they loved to be tickled and had had a great time! Whatever!

Posted in Ticklish And Proud Of It on 2011-07-25 10:48:23

I am extremely ticklish and I love to be tickled. I often wear tube-tops, showing of my belly and armpits, and short shorts, showing of my ticklish thighs, and flip-flops for my feet. Most times people take advantage of it. I have been tickled by family, friends, store clerks, ride attendants, janitors, teachers and many more. Another incident was I was at knobels amusment park with my family, and I wanted to ride the Phoenix (a rollarcoaster). There are water rides at that park, so I was wearing a blue bikini top, short shorts, and flip-flops. I sat in the last seat on the train and this handsome young guy sat next to me (I was 19 and unmarried) He wispered to me "Are you ticklish!" I blushed and slyly answered "You'll have to find out" The rollarcoaster started moving and it went through a pitch-black tunnel. He pulled his arms above my head with one hand and wiggled his fingers in my armpits. I burst out laughing and tried to pull my arms down, but he was stronger than me. He tickled my armpits all the way up the first hill and then he put his arm around my waist and started goosing my sides. I giggled loudly, but I wasn't heard because of all the screams and we were in the last car. Again he pulled my arms above my head and spider-tickled my bare belly. I twisted in my seat and shrieked with ticklish laughter. But he wasen't finished. He started squezzing my thighs and rubbing them. I was laughing madly. Finally the ride was over and we got off. He grinned at me,"I guess your ticklish then!" I giggled. Then he asked me out and that is how I met my husband.(by the way his name is Jesse) He is tall and lean with brown hair and blue eyes and is very handsome and strong. He tickles me all the time and loves to pin me down and tickle me silly. I love it! Another time I was shopping for rollarblades for my kids and they were on a really high shelf and when I reached for them a clerk snuck up behind me and wiggled his fingers in my exposed armpits. I shrieked and laughed and fell to the floor trying to get away. He then pinned me on the floor and tickled my bare tummy for a few seconds. I was laughing and rolling over the floor. He let me up and I went about my shopping. Life is good!

Posted in Handstand Tickled on 2011-07-23 10:37:13

I am a short, thin, 14 year old girl who is extremley ticklish! My boyfriend, his best friend, and I were standing around inside my house just hanging out. I decided to do a handstand. I forgot to tuck in my tank-top. When I flipped onto my hands, my tank-top slid up to just below my bra. My boyfriend started to tease me,"I see someone's belly!" and then he started to tickle my exposed belly. I am soo ticklish and I started to laugh like crazy. his friend tickled my armpits. It was so hard not to fall over. But finally I did and they pinned me to the floor with my arms above my head and tickled my armpits and belly for 30 minutes. The whole time saying stuff like, " Tickle, Tickle, Tickle," or "Someone's ticklish!". I laughed madly and squirmed all around. I love being tickled! That was so much fun!