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Posted in Would you, or have you posed nude. on 2013-01-22 19:04:13

Yea I suppose people would do that, although I can't see the point to it.

It certainly is controversial there is no question there, and the laws vary so much from place to place you would have to be careful you knew what the law was where you were. I can see how it could be a real hassle, and that is too bad.

Posted in Photographer - male or female on 2013-01-22 18:59:23

In the minds of some people nudity IS sexual content. Stars have lots of lawyers with legal definitions of "sexual content" but I don't so if a policeman or school administrator or whomever decides it is illegal it is because unless the ACLU or somebody jumps in there is nothing you can do about it. As a minor I could not sign a release form but my parents didn't have a problem doing it so it wasn't an issue but I can see how it could be. My dad took the view that is anybody did anything I wasn't comfortable with I should sing out and if they persisted to slap them and he would make sure it stopped if that didn't work. I never had a problem, even with makeup being applied to "sensitive" parts of my body. By 16 my dad felt I could make my own decisions, not that he wouldn't talk to me about it to make sure I really understood what I was doing, and he would just rubber stamp things once he was sure I did.

Posted in Incest - the dark secret on 2012-08-09 18:06:55

We have looked into "across the border" marriages. Sibling marriage is illegal in Mexico, and also Canada. It is illegal in almost every country save some Middle Eastern countries where women are considered property and a man can marry any woman he can pay for, sisters included. Even if we found a country where it was legal it is unclear if it would be honored in the US; as a reaction to gay marriage many states have provisions to not recognise marriage from other states/countries that do not conform to local marriage laws. I do not see how a serviceman could become a commissioned officer, or even an NCO, without having to pass a background check. I have helped my brother fill out the forms for that and they are very detailed and I don't see how you can hide the fact that your mother and his mother are the same person, especially if they interview them as they do for a security clearance. It would all come out, and you would be looking at a court marshall; the military takes a dim view at being lied to.

We grew up as part of a large family and having children just seems natural to us. We have studied the genetic risk factors of having children, which is all over the board from huge to insignificant; it is certainly something to consider, but not easy to pin down. The factor that he would have no rights, could not sign medical or school consent forms or anything is a more tangible consideration, as is what would happen to our children if I were killed as he would not get custody of them. At the moment we have not gone down that road, and I don't know if we will or not.

Posted in Family Nudity on 2012-06-27 15:18:34

This digression does introduce an interesting sub-topic: nudity as punishment. In discussing nudity in the home it seems in some cases as a matter of discipline children are forced to be nude, presumably as a form of humiliation? I have never understood how nudity could be humiliating. Any thoughts on this?

Posted in Nudity double standard on 2012-04-23 21:24:09

ryanH growing up most of the children in the neighborhood here played together nude during the summer, and thought nothing of it. As we got older at some point most of them were uncomfortable with that, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the parents would say "you are old enough to wear a suit". For the girls it was often body image issues. By the time we hit puberty only me and some of my sisters still played in the yard nude while quite a few of the boys did. Even the children of the nudist family in the neighborhood wore suits, not because of issues over nudity but what people might think. Because of the stigma nudity has sometimes it can cause tension. One of the kids I grew up with playing in the yard nude I later had in a chemistry class in high school and we had a project together. He admitted that having played in the yard with me nude made him uncomfortable around me. He couldn't really say why; I doubt if he knew.