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Posted in Clothing inequality on 2015-12-17 07:46:53

Anyone want to learn about them or see pix, email me.

Posted in Are teen girls (ie, ages 13-17) stronger than me? on 2015-12-17 07:23:04

Hi the idea of mixed wrestling like this interests me and as a gymnast you are definitely trained, fit and flexible so I think that you would definitely have a good chance. But I think that most girls of a similar age would be out-matched by a male opponent. So what I would like to know is, are there rules or handicaps to help equalize things? Or ways of enticing female competitors to want to give this a go. I know the thrill and sense of pride from beating an adult male would be a benefit, but to encourage more mixed wrestling like this, perhaps some rules and handicaps may help. Some ideas I have come up with: - maybe the male wrestler has to wear boxing gloves, the female wrestlers don't. No hitting by either (don't want anyone injured), but having the gloves on will make it hard for the male wrestler to grapple, but doesn't stop all holds. - Or how about a blindfold for the male wrestler. It is an advantage until the contest is on the ground and grappling, but then less of an advantage - allow the female wrestlers to attack their opponents groin (but the male wrestlers can not do the same). Again, no punches or kicks, but grabbing/squeezing etc are allowed. If she gets a good grip, it can really be an advantage. If the male taps out, maybe they should get a punishment (eg remove an item of clothing) and then the bout can re-begin. If he keeps tapping out and ends up naked, a final tap out and the bout is over. - different clothing for male and female wrestlers. The female can wear anything that she wants, but male wrestlers must only wear underwear (or perhaps a thong or posing pouch. Maybe even a short kilt with nothing underneath). The costume will make the wrestler more aware of the positions that he gets into so less likely to do some positions as it would expose him in some angles. Also, that sort of costume could easily be targeted by the female wrestler so the male will be off guard, always aware that she may target the costume and fully expose him. - maybe female wrestlers could 'tag' out so that a fresh wrestler comes into play. But the male wrestler must be there for the entire bout. - for younger or smaller female wrestlers, perhaps 2 females should be allowed to wrestle the male at the same time. - Girls like yourself who are a better match could either choose to have the male handicapped in 1 of these ways or not. I realize some girls are strong, flexible, good wrestlers so they should have the rights to beat the man on even terms, to make it even more humiliating for the male wrestler. - if a male wrestler wins, he must then face another bout straight away against the next female opponent

I also believe that there should be enticements for the female wrestlers to help increase participation. Perhaps, a male wrestler who loses must strip (if he has not already been stripped in the bout). If he loses by tapping out, perhaps even further penalties (eg he does not get his clothes back at the end of the evening). The female wrestlers are not made to strip if they lose, only the men are. We don't want to deter females from the sport. The female could potentially lose clothes during the bout, but as she can wear anything that she likes for the bout this is less likely. Also, she can always tap out if worried about this without the same penalty as the male gets.

These are just some of my ideas to help encourage participation. Anyone have other ideas or comments about my ideas?

Posted in anatomy model on 2013-10-17 06:17:17

I would like to, but think I would lose my job if I modelled naked for an anatomy class at school. Perhaps I should just do this for private tuition of groups outside the school system. Or for anatomy classes at university where there is not the same issues. I could always invite the interested and/or promising female students at the school I teach at along to a session at a university. Its a pity this is not already encouraged as I think it would be of great benefit and interest for many female students.

And I like your suggestion for experiments, measuring etc. I find that students learn in different ways. Some learn by seeing, others need other techniques such as experimentation to learn effectively. Experiments such as measuring several $%!@es would be great as it would teach anatomy and biology, but it would also allow you to teach statistics - means, standard variations, coefficients of varience etc (eg what is the mean $%!@ length and girth, is the teachers $%!@ within the standard deviation range, or is it statistically significantly different). They could also undertake practical studies to show that by measuring a larger sample of $%!@es, the standard variation would decrease and thus they would have a better representation of $%!@ length.

There are also lots of biology experiments that wouled be possible. They could study the erection process, examine how long erection could be maintained, there could be demonstrations of the ejeculation process and the could do a study of male refractory period. There are lots of possibilities. Thius needs to be imncorporated into all schools curriculum.

Posted in public pubic shaving on 2013-04-12 06:32:11

Hi Stacey. I think its right to leave the door open whilst shaving the patients. Actually in todays litigous society I think it should be mandatory to have the door open, whether its night shift or during the daytime so that it is public. And having other nurses present is also a good idea. The guys embarassment should be a secondary consideration to other concerns such as security etc. I think the males should get over their hang ups. And yes, getting an erection may be embarassing for them, but it shouldn't be. Its a natural thing and I assume it doesn't offend women. In fact, I think you could look at it as a compliment, that they are turned on by having their $%!@ exposed for an attractive nurse (or nurses). Its just a nice bonus for you that its fun for you to watch them get hard. Good for you! You sound like a great lady and have a good attitude. I'm a guy and if I needed to have my pubic region shaved for surgery, I think it would be great if it was by an attractive 38DDD 21yo nurses aide like you. I guarantee that I'd get erect, but rather than being embarrassed about it would be glad to show you the appreciation for a job well done.

Posted in CFNM Poll: Male Behavior on 2013-03-05 04:51:02

I totally agree with you Laura. Being naked in front of your wife is not a situation which is likely to cause embarrassment/discomfort. Being made to be naked in front of others is more likely to get the message across. My gf often makes me strip in front of her friends when she feels I have been rude. Its even more effective when the nudity is coupled with another punishment to reinforce the idea (eg my wife has had me strip an mow her friends lawn whilst she and her friends watched to make sure I did a good job). I then had to remain naked for the rest of the day. It worked - I have learnt to say hello to her friends when I get home BEFORE I do anything else.