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Might I point out that the majority, guns used in crimes were obtained illegally. This means that with more gun control laws, innocent, responsible citizens will be essentially punished and not allowed to have guns, even to protect themselves, while criminals will continue to obtain them (illegally) and use them accordingly.

Posted in Would you vote for a.... on 2012-07-01 17:01:10

I voted for all the options; your religion, orientation, and ethnicity doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is your experience, policies, and record.

Posted in What Political Party do you Support on 2012-07-01 01:18:54

I am proudly registered as an independent, free to think for myself.

Posted in Same sex couples and adoption on 2012-07-01 01:13:25

I love people like you who somehow think that their own ignorant opinions takes precedence over actual proven scientific fact. I agree with someone else who brought up the fact that most bigots or "gay-bashers," who are nothing more than bullies, suffer from insecurity, among other things, and often are fighting their own sexuality, based on indisputable social research. I want to know why you keep calling gays "homeless" (that's how you spell it by the way). I am gay, and I'm far from homeless. In fact I'm quite the opposite. Despite being only 24, I am an extremely successful businessman. I am also very involved in politics and am quite well-known. And on top of all that, I maintain a music career on the weekends. Trust me, I'm far from rejected and in fact am a very respected member of society. My successful lifestyle is not terribly unusual in the gay community throughout the world, either. Now on the topic on this poll: Why shouldn't responsible, loving homosexual couples be allowed to adopt. Maybe God created homosexuals (by the way, I am a very happy person, and I am living according to how God made me) to help provide a loving home to the orphaned children that bigoted, ignorant trash like yourself create through your irresponsible, chauvinistic sexual escapades. That even makes sense as it pertains and relates to the science of evolution, too. And while I'm already offering a cure to your ignorance, I might also point out that homosexuality and pedophilia couldn't be less mutually-exclusive; they're two completely unrelated matters. I'll even take it a step further: I might not have been born normal and might die not normal, but I at least can say I'm not an insecure, miserable person like yourself who appears to have at least one foot stuck in the trap of denial. Unfortunately, I feel I have wasted my effort in responding. I mean, if you can't even accept indisputable scientific fact, then how I can expect you to care or even think about anything I've just written? Of course, based on your "style" of writing, I'd be pleasantly surprised to find out you can read, much less above a first grade level. And I did manage to write a comment in which I used proper grammar, civil conversation, and factual principles, all of which you seem incapable of accomplishing. I could say more, but I feel that I've already served and fed what I'm sure is the main intent of your comments which is to get a reaction out of people.

Posted in Should I run away from home? Or what? on 2012-07-01 00:04:38

Wow, the fact that you would post a poll like this explains why you shouldn't be allowed more freedom. You need to learn that life is NOT fair, so we all need to do our best to the make the most of what we have. And realizing that is the difference between a miserable person and a happy person.