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Posted in A guy nude for girls (Girls only) on 2010-12-25 17:04:45

I don't see any reason for girls to wear clothes other than warmth. When it's a summer day though, they should just be naked. Guys are the only ones who need clothes when it's warm and that's only to hide their $%!@, nothing else. Girls don't have any private parts at all so there's simply no reason for them to be wearing clothes. They hate covering themselves anyway! Just look at them trying to reveal as much as they can, even in winter, they are desperate to be naked.

Posted in Have you girls been groped or molested? on 2010-11-23 07:00:38

You should be grateful he was nice enough to give you the pleasure.

Posted in Who is the most evil on 2010-07-30 03:48:29

d00st3r is an idiot who thrives on hatred and spite. That is all.

Posted in Should Women be Allowed to Drive? on 2010-07-18 00:16:30

It actually has been shown that women cause more accidents than guys...but guys drink more than women. So if we want to save lives, women should lose the ability to drive and men should lose the ability to drink. Alas, neither will happen.

Seriously the options on this were so biased...It's not a big deal! If they were wearing a thong, they deserve to be stripped completely naked for being such $%!@s. It's clearly what they wanted, why else would they dress like a hooker? And if they are wearing panties, what's the big deal? It's no less modest than a bikini, in fact, seeing how these girls didn't get their shirts taken off, it's even less revealing than seeing them in a bikini. There's absolutely no reason for a girl to be embarrassed for being unclothed or revealing. Girls...you-have-NOTHING-down there! We have a chest too, it's just smaller. I can understand a guy being embarrassed because guys are judged solely on the size of their $%!@, and because we have BS standards (10 inches long? Yeah right!) everyone's $%!@ are small. Sure, some guys judge girls on their breastsize, but guess what? We can see that no matter what you're wearing and it's so common that it's not a big deal. Quit pushing feminism so far when you already have it better than guys. That principal was doing his job, he wasn't groping them or making them reveal anything more than their underwear. He can't take them in a private area or he could get sued, they could pretend he DID grope or rape them and probably would. Seriously you act like he said

"Gather around around ladies and gentlemen as I lift this girls skirt and show you her panties...or maybe even a thong."

he just lifted their skirt for less than a second and sent them on their way. The guys saw next to nothing, at best they got a TINY glimpse.