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Posted in Camping on 2019-06-26 11:33:05

I prefer my Beaver Scouts (ages 5-7) to pee outside. The procedure for a bathroom visit is such a palaver that it's much easier if they just water a tree or bush. They usually do it at nighttime, but anytime for me is just fine. We usually start the meeting close to a bathroom so everyone can go and we at least start the event with empty bladders. When we pass a bathroom, everyone goes again. If we stay in the forest or scrubland, they can find somewhere and relieve themselves quietly.

Posted in Have you gone to the toilet outside? on 2017-03-10 12:21:43

A high-needs 6yo boy got stuck on a rappelling exercise. Usually they're pretty quick and simple to fix, but this was good and stuck. I rappelled down beside him to help him, and to get him back up if that was all that I could do.

I get down to where he is, and immediately see the problem: the ropes had gotten all twisted up around the ascender (which shouldn't have been on there). Since there would be no way to fix it without making the kid plummet to his death, I clipped a safety line to the back of the kid's climbing vest and touched his shoulder, trying to turn him around.

"I have to go pee-pee."

"Do you have to go really bad?" He just nodded and grabbed at his crotch.

I radioed up to ask how long it would take them to get ready for us to climb up. Since the rappel down was (somewhat) quick and dirty, they wanted to make sure all the parts were in place for the climb up. Seven minutes, maybe too long for him. "Okay, he just needs some intimate care, so please don't go yanking on our ropes until I say."

"Okay, we won't be going up for a little while, and I don't want you to wet your pants because it's going to end up on me too. I grabbed a pair of vinyl gloves from the pouch beside me and slid them on, then got behind the boy. "I was thinking you could go pee-pee from up in the air here, what do you think?"

"Okay, but I don't know how."

"That's why I'm here. Can you undo your pants zipper?"

The boy fumbled for a second, but quickly got his fly open. I reached in, pulled his undies out of the way, and brought his little $%!@ out through the opening.

"You can stand on my feet, and hold onto this yourself if you want." He put his feet on mine, but asked me to aim for him. "Okay, go pee-pee!"

A glittering stream spurted out of his $%!@, breaking up in mid-air before splattering onto the rocks below. He watched the stream flow, and giggled. He peed for just over a minute before he ran out of steam. I helped him get his last squirts out, then carefully pulled his underwear back up and zipped up his pants.

My radio squawked to life again, "is he feeling better now?" "Yes, much better thank you." Four minutes later, the rope was ready for the climb back up.

Posted in hubsand keeps wetting the bed on 2016-05-13 06:25:10

A urologist and/or neurologist consult might find a treatable cause.

My little brother wears protection on long car trips or plane rides, when he's liable to fall asleep. I do let him pee in a bottle with assistance when he's awake, trying to do it in his car seat is a little challenging but doable if I hold the bottle for him. Very occasionally he will pee at the side of the road, usually the traffic is too busy to let us pull over though.

I don't drive due to a near-complete lack of depth perception, so I'm always available to help.

Posted in Bedwetting Kids on 2016-05-13 06:11:07

My little brother wets the bed almost every night. If he's with me, and I'm awake, I'll take him to the toilet or just let him pee in a bottle when I notice he needs to go. Even when he's asleep, he gives very clear signs (restlessness, groaning, crotch-grabbing). We tried using a little kid's standing urinal but it made too much mess in the dark. If he's wearing protection, I don't mind if he sleeps in my bed or my lap. I have a rubber sheet down too just in case, but so far the GoodNites with a soaker have worked.