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Posted in ARE YOU DEPRESSED? on 2011-01-04 06:34:39

I had only 1 good "friend" a few years ago. He turned out to be the biggest twofaced $%!@ing bitch in the world (sry if bad typeing... It's hard writeing this) He first talking bad about a kid up the street and then stopped being my "friend" because I cant play GrandTheftAuto4. He then became friends with the kid up the street and the kid's mom told my mom who told me that my "friend" Andrew was talking bad about me!

2 year later

The $%!@ing girl down the street started picking on me because I had no friends to help me. She was calling me names on the bus and in Designe Studio she was poking me in the (clogg formed in throat here) butt. We had a run in with the 7th grade counciler about that. And she STILL didnt stop picking on me till school let out for summer.

1 year later

Now the two $%!@assbitches are going out with eachother (realshocker). Now both of them are picking on me and the other one films it.

I am an extreamly skinny boy of 4'11" who wears glasses and tried 50 times to strangle himself. Only 2 reasons I'm alive is... 1. I lose conciousness strangling self and grip lessons 2. Online GF who went through same thing is trying to help...

Whaaaaattttt sssshhhhhoooouuuulllldddd I dooooooo!

Posted in River Nudity on 2010-09-13 03:20:51

Thats just inapropriet. You dont even need me (14 year old guy) to even say that. I bet my brother would say the same.

Posted in River Nudity on 2010-09-13 03:13:52


We use to have a stream that runs tgrough our proppery (20 acres) My twin and I used to strip inside and sneak outside to swim. We never got cought. To bad we moved to a river (parents changed mind of nudity but we moved after that and they hate nudity)

Posted in Sleep wear for summer camp on 2010-09-12 16:43:41

My campsite is normaly everybody sleeps in their underware. Exept for 1 time it was 105 degreese. Everybody was wearing only briefs with fans blaring. The parents were gone for the night so somebody got a "Bright idea" and stripped naked. He got out of his tent and went to every tent and somehow got half the group (sadly I was part of it.) He probubly got us because it was to hot. We stripped naked and wondered the campsite trying to cool off. It felt better then before exept shortly after that somebody took that group down to the lake. We were swimming and then sense hit me. We were naked halfway across camp after hours. They would bound to have somebody going from campsite to campsite. I went back on my own and got caught entering the camp. The group got back a few minutes later and we were sent to bed. We were forced to be naked till the parents got back... From there we were sent home naked. And we couldent go with the troop for 3 months.

Long story short. Things get out of hand when people are naked. If you have underware on ok but naked no.

Posted in summer camp(TEEN GUYS) on 2010-08-16 06:12:28

I was at summercamp with my identical twin and nudity was not aloud but knowing us...

Our campsite is on the oppiset side of cammp from the shower and there are only a few things you were aloud to do nude. After activities (barefoot whole time) we walked back to camp and stripped in our tent. we walked out and walked down to the signe out sheet. We signed out doing 1 thing we could do naked. Walk to the showers naked. We left camp and quickly got lost. The first place we got was out of the camp area. We entered the camp zone and looked for the showers and ended up at the lake. Next try we found ourself at the trading post and saw 2 other naked kids. We followed them and found the showers at last! We went in and right away kids in swimsuits saw us and quickly left. We showered and saw a mud puddle a little ways off and since we like being nude we walked to it, stepped in, layed down, and rolled around in it. We were so muddy we looked like brown naked boys with brown hair. We went back to the shower but it was closed! We didnt relize that it was past 10:00 Curfew and since nobody came looking for us somebody checked us in. We stared for the lake. We got there and walked onto the dock and the mud came off our feet. We jumped off the dock and were cleaned of the mud. We swam into the middle if the lake and had to pee and poop! My brother told me he had to and I had to too. With nowhere for sopport we peed tredding water and pooped after going under a few times. We swam to our campsite and walked to our tent. (were not aloud to skiny dip. The next day we woke up and got dressed. We ate and went to activities. We had a water gun fight the last day and it was skins vs leaders. All the kids got naked and murdered the leaders 100-1. We got pushed in the mud loads of time. By the time we left we sat naked on towls that were muddy like us. We planned our next naked adventure there and that will happen tomorrow night.