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The filler has been taken down due to many unexpected uploading errors. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Posted in The Legend of Zelda: My Life [Chapter 2: Flake] on 2012-04-13 13:41:22

The filler has been taken down due to many unexpected uploading errors. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The filler has been taken down due to many unexpected uploading errors. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Posted in The Legend of Zelda: My Life [Chapter 4: Ganondorf] on 2012-04-13 13:39:17

The filler has been taken down due to many unexpected uploading errors. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If an Annoyer tries to hit you with one of these devious tactics then here are the proper steps to be taken in order to cause an Annoyer's plot to end in failure. Study these well so that a prankster doesn't make you look like a fool in the future.

Rank #10. “Requires Download Content: Join A Slayers Game. Choose Any Character, But Don’t Click Ready Until There Are 4 Players Accountable For The Round. (If The Host Kicks You Out For Stalling The Match Then You’ll Have To Join Another Game.) When The Round Finally Begins With 3 Players Plus Yourself Present, DON’T Kill Any Enemies! Instead, Go After Players (Or A Specific Player To Your Liking), And Only Attack Them. Treat Slayers As If It Was A Survivors Game For The Entire Round.”

  • Method #1. When the game begins, avoid coming in contact with the Annoyer all-together. Hopefully the Annoyer will target another player during the game and $%!@ off the wrong person. If that happens then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Those two will just duke it out until one or other gets killed (and then most likely do it again; for the entire match). Most Annoyers can't keep their cool when they get assaulted by another player. When that happens they forget about everyone else around them, and then just target the one who assaulted them. The $%!@ between the two could prove entertaining to watch (or join in) once all regular enemies are killed.

  • Method #2. Go in with a friend, or become temporarily allies with someone in the game. That way you have someone to watch your back in-case the Annoyer tries to make a move on you. And since the Annoyer tactic fails if players team up to gang up on the Annoyer this Method is an instant win!

  • Method #3. If you are a competative player at the game then just fight back on self-defense. You shouldn't have any problem taking out a player who doesn't know anything about a Versus game.

  • Method #4. If you are a competative player, and you're in a game where EVERYONE is an Annoyer then just disconnect. Don't bother facing off against people who aren't going to take the game seriously.

Rank #9. “The Infamous ‘I AM A LEGEND’ Prank That Requires Download Content: On The Mercenaries Reunion, Join Someone’s Game And Play As Josh. Find Your Partner, Taunt, Then Blow Them AND Yourself Up With A Rocket Launcher. Quickly Disconnect Yourself From The Host While It’s Showing The ‘You Died’ Screen, Then Send A Message To The Host’s Inbox Titled ‘I AM A LEGEND’”

  • Counter Method. First & Foremost: NEVER stand still! Do a "Shoot once & run" strategy on enemies until you've determined wither or not your partner is going to pull a I AM A LEGEND on you. Using Melee attacks are okay as long as they're quick & unlengthy. Second: DO NOT Taunt back out of appreciation even if you think you're safe! Remember that you aren't safe until the Rocket Launcher is used! They'll still do it to you even if you currently have a 100+ Combo! Chances are if they aren't using the Rocket Launcher on a boss enemy then it highly assume that they're saving it for you. When you've confirmed that they're trying to pull off an I AM A LEGEND then unfortunately as host you'll have to end the session. To safely do so, climb a ladder on the course, then enter the pause menu while you're climbing it, and quit the game. This is the only safe counter method to the Annoying tactic (in the event that your partner is intelligent enough to not miss the shot).

Rank #8. “Play Chapter 3-2 As Host Or Guest. At The Beginning Of The Level There Is A Raft That One Must Ride, While The Other Must Spin The Lever. Make Your Partner Ride The Raft, And Give Yourself The Job Of Turning The Lever. Upon Doing So, Turn It Enough So That Your Partner Is Half-Way Out On The Raft. Then SEIZE Turning It, But Not Letting Go Of The Lever. Your Partner Will Be Forced To Dodge Crocodiles Until They Are Finally Eaten!”

  • Method #1. Make your partner ride the raft so that you can turn the lever and not get hit by this ridiculously annoying tactic. If they refuse to do so then the quickest way to solve this issue is to disconnect yourself, or remove your partner if you are the host. There isn't much else you can do unless you're willing to take the risk.

  • Method #2. If you're an experienced player with fast fingers then you can disconnect yourself immediately after dodging a croc by pressing start & quitting the game. This prevents the death from being recorded, and thus, the Annoying Tactic will fail.

Rank #7. “Use Sheva, Play Chapter 3-1 As The Host. At The Village Part Of The Level There Is A Drawbridge That Needs To Be Set Up By Someone Turning The Handle. Have Your Partner Turn The Handle. Cross The Bridge, Then Go To The Locked Door But DON’T Unlock It. Instead, Use The ‘Come On’ Command. Afterwards, Continuously Spam With That ‘Come On’ Command Until Your Partner Disconnects.”

Counter Method. The only known counter method for this is to make your partner turn the lever so that you can cross the bridge. That way you can continue on without any worries. Disconnect yourself from the game if they refuse.

Rank #6. “Play The Mercenaries Or The Mercenaries Reunion. You Can Be Host Or Guest, It Doesn’t Matter. Pick Any Character. When The Round Begins, Go Find Your Partner & Stay With Them. Don’t Bother Killing Any Enemies Along The Way; Just Go To Your Partner’s Location. Once There You Stay With Them The Entire Round. Wherever They Go You Follow. Now Here’s What You’re Really Supposed To Do To Annoy: Anytime Your Partner Tries To Kill An Enemy You Take It From Them By Gunshot (No Melee). Steal Any Kills That Your Partner Attempts To Get. Lastly, If Your Partner Goes In The ‘HELP’ Status Don’t Help Even If Your Partner Requests It. It’s Optional To Choose If You Want To Save Them From The ‘DYING’ Status Or Not.”

  • There is no counter for this Annoying tactic. By the time you figure out the Annoyer is doing this to you it'll be too late. If your Chris (Safari), Chris (S.T.A.R.S.), or Sheva (Tribal) you can always show your appreciation by using your Rocket/Grenade Launcher on them, but their Annoying Tactic will still be a success on you no matter what you do.

Rank #5. “Join Someone’s Game in Story Mode, But Don’t Equip Any Weapons. Have All 9 Slots Empty When You Start The Mission.”

  • Counter Method. Do NOT remove the Annoyer from your session, because if you do then their Annoying tactic will be a success! You are to instead: end the session entirely. If you were trying out for an "S" Rank then hate to say it but you'll have to start over from the beginning of the sub-chapter again.

Rank #4. “Join Someone’s Game In The Mercenaries While Using Chris (Safari). Make Sure The Host Picks A Stage That Has Incendiary Grenades. When The Game Begins, Go Over & Pick Up The Incendiary Grenades Placed On The Stage. Once They’re Collected Go Find Your Partner. Throw An Incendiary At Them, Then Immediately Switch To Your Rocket Launcher. Fire It, And Put Your Partner In Dying. Throw Another Incendiary At Them To Finish Them Off.”

  • Method #1. If you have fast fingers then you can press start "Quit Game" and end the session before the Annoyer is able to throw their last Incendiary Grenade. You should be able to do it before your character is able to stand up after being put in DYING. After getting hit by the first Incendiary, followed up by a Rocket Launcher, you should have a clear idea by then that your partner is going to kill you. Just end the session before death and you're safe.

  • Method #2. As host, remove any players that want to play as Chris (Safari). That way you don't take any chances.

Rank #3. “This One Requires Download Content: Play Versus And Use Wesker While Going On A Team With Someone. (It Can Be Slayers Or Survivors, It Doesn’t Matter. Any Wesker Will Do.) When The Match Starts, Use Your ‘Thanks’ Command. Wesker Should Be Saying ‘It was in your best interest to assist me!’. Once He Is Finished Talking, Press It Again, And Repeat This Step For The Entire Battle!”

  • Method #1. Locate the Annoyer and shoot them. They'll be too busy spamming to fight back at first. Most likely they'll run away to prevent from being killed because if they die by a player then their Annoying tactic ends in failure. This will give you many free hits if it isn't Missile Area.

  • Method #2. Disconnect yourself (and end the game all-together) before a minute of that spamming has passed.

Rank #2. “Join Someone’s Game In Story Mode. The Requirements Is That They Need To Have It On Normal Or Veteran Difficulty, And You Need Fast Enough Fingers To Switch Ammo. Bring A Grenade Launcher Filled With Electric Rounds, Flame Rounds, And A Rocket Launcher. When The Mission Begins (Or Continues, Depending On Where The Host Left Off At) Play As If It Was A Normal Game. When An Enemy Finally Appears You Fire An Electric Round At Your Partner Instead Of The Enemy. Then Take Out Your Rocket Launcher While They’re In Stun-time, And Blow Your Partner Away. Then Quickly Switch Your Electric Rounds For Your Flame Rounds, And Finish Off Your Partner By Proving Your Heat Is Too Much For Them, aka: Set Them Ablaze! Finally, Disconnect Yourself While The Death Animation Is Still Going On.”

  • Counter Method. Do not play any games with a player who will carry a Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher with them during the mission. By doing so you're already setting yourself up since they're the biggest caution weapons to use on players. If someone joins your game and they equip one of those two weapons for the mission then once the game begins you run to a safe location, and remove them from your session. If you try to remove them right away it won't work due to the auto-save feature, and you'll be wide open for them to get you (if they really are an Annoyer).

Rank #1. “It Requires Download Content: Host A Game In Either Versus – Slayers Or Versus – Survivors. The More People That Join Your Game The More Annoying Points You’ll Receive. When The Round Begins Proceed By Getting All Timers On The Stage. Once The Clock Is At It’s Fullest You Start Playing As If It Was A Normal Game. When The Round Is Half-Over, You Start Playing So Bad To Point Where It’s Impossible To Win, But Always Make It Look Like You’re Trying Even If It’s Just An Act. Then On The Last 10 To 30 Seconds Disconnect Yourself From The Game. Because You Are The Host It Will Also Cause Everyone Else To Disconnect, Completely Canceling The Round, And Preventing Anyone From Officially Getting A Win.”

  • There is no counter method for this Annoying tactic. By the time you realize the Annoyer is doing this it will be too late. The best you can do to prevent this from happening is to not join anyone else's game, and host everything yourself.