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Posted in Truth or Dare (Mister Poll Style) on 2010-10-10 21:00:49

I was asked if I have ever been humiliated by a girl?

Nope, I've never had that happen. It seems like it would be a lot of fun though. If any girls out there want to, let me know. outerlitmus@hotmail.com


Posted in Truth or Dare (Mister Poll Style) on 2010-09-28 16:58:49

Two new updates:

1) Truth: Have you ever been done with a strap-on? Nope, never. It's never even been suggested.

2) To the group of girls who Dared me to dress in a bra and panties for them; How can I do this? Do you have an email address? A Skype account? You'll have to give me more info for me to pull this off...

Posted in Truth or Dare (Mister Poll Style) on 2010-09-24 13:52:34

Next Dare I've completed: Go to a lingerie store, pick out some lingerie, then ask for a changing room. Describe the lingerie and what happened.

This was easily the most embarrassing dare I have ever done. I went to the mall and went into a Victoria Secret store. I find these places embarrassing enough as is. Anyway, I did spend a lot of time looking. I just grabbed a lacy nighty thing. It had satin for the breast area, and it was mesh lace for the rest. It was pink. Anyway, about that time a very attractive girl, who couldn't be more than 19, comes up and asks if I need any help. I look around, and at least there are not other customers within earshot. I tell her I'd like to use the fitting room. She tells me that couples can't go into the fitting rooms together (she thinks I must be with my wife). I tell her its just me. I don't know which of us was more red after that. She tells me that they can't have men in there fitting room (thank god!). I leave.

That was VERY uncomfortable. Good dare though!

Posted in Truth or Dare (Mister Poll Style) on 2010-09-21 19:23:36

I was asked another dare: Dress in bra, panties, and high heels and have a wank.

I surprised at how many of the dares involve jerking off? Anyway, done. I put on a pair of blue stretchy satin panties and a black bra with lace trim that my wife has. I couldn't actually "wear" her heels as my feet are way to big, but I put my feet in as far as they could go. I have to admit that the feel of the silky material makes me very hard. I started rubbing my $%!@ through the panties, and rather involuntarily I found myself rubbing my nipples through the bra. Yeah, its a bit weird to be jerking off dressed as a girl, but hey, I'm open minded and it its pretty hot to be this naughty. anyway, I reached into the panties and stood my $%!@ up in them with the head pressing against the satin. This also tugged them up tight on my balls. Everytime I stroked it would tug that material against my balls, and that satin on the head of my $%!@ felt wonderful. I came pretty fast and fully messed up my wife's panties. All in all, an easy and enjoyable dare!

Posted in Truth or Dare (Mister Poll Style) on 2010-09-21 19:17:09

So, in answer to the Truth I was asked: I live with my wife.

That was a pretty tame question.