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Posted in When were you last spanked on 2017-10-04 15:45:11

Iwas 15 and had a 11 year old sister.We have had the same sitter foy years.I hated having a sitter at my age but mom insisted.She has the right to spank us if she though we misbehaved.She never even raised her voice at my sister but always found a reason to spank me.Of course my sister loved this arrangement and helped her paddle my butt.I was made to strip totally naked to recieve my punishment.The last spanking my sister held my legs up and I got it in the diaper position.Because I got an erection my sister thought it would be funny if my pubic hair was completely shaved off.It was funny to them but certainly not for me.At scholl the sitter called me B-4, short for bald baby butt boy.

Posted in I'm being forced to wear diapers HELP! on 2017-08-13 02:37:48

Naughty diaper boys should look the part,off with your pubic hair.

Posted in decide mine and my two borthers punishment on 2015-07-10 02:59:35

G irls should never be punished in front of anybody except their mothers.Your brothers on the other hand deserve to be punished by your mom and yourself to humiliate them as much as possible.An audience of girls their own age or even younger would enhance the experience for them.If they have pubic hair,shave it off.

Posted in Bathed by siblings #1 (Males only) on 2014-08-23 03:05:51

I am 5years older than my sister.Up to the age of 10 mom had both of us bathe together.At that time mom thought it was unappropriate for me to see my sister naked.After she was done with her bath I would have to take a bath in the same tb of water she used.I would be naked in the tub with the door open so she could dry and brush her hair or any other reason she had to be present.At about 12 I got an erection in the tub while she was in the room,mom got furious and had her spank me in the tub.I did not lose my boner.Since then my little sister often grabs my crotch to see if I am hard.If I am she takes my pants away and has the right to spank me.

At 14 I was only 5'6'' maybe 15 lbs. On a hot summer day while cutting the lawn the neighbor girl who was 16 and her friend were sunbathing in their yard.They asked me to stop and mow later because they couldn't hear their music I made the mistake of telling them to $%!@ off.They went into the house for a minute and came back outside with a few things The neighbor girl put me in an arm bar and her friend pulled my shorts right off.She told me she was going to mow too,mow my pubic hair off.My 9 year old sister heard the commosion and came outside to see what was going on. They overpowered me and one of them sat on my chest while the other one tried to use an electric razor to shave me. I kicked and squirmed trying to get away but could not.The razor found its target but jammed because my pubes must have been too thick.My sister was told to get a scissors and my own little sisterbegan cutting away at my bush.I was crying so hard I could barely see what was happening.The neighbor girl then took the razor and made me hairless.