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Posted in Fart in Face (only males) on 2015-04-29 21:23:26

Hello there Nik

Posted in Slave to my Brother on 2015-02-18 07:44:58

Hi all, sorry I don't update a lot. If you don't already, go check out my Ask.fm and KIK. So today was a lengthy day of serving Josh and his wrestling buddies. The six of them came home after a match tonight and they were all ripe. Josh had me get right to work on them, telling me to strip them down to their underwear and lick the sweat off all of them. They grabbed some drinks and leftovers and sat around, laughing and teasing me as I served my six masters for the night. They all stunk, had terrible musky BO, and really made me lick them clean. Josh made me do him last of all so his smell would increase and his sweat would set in. Still, he was rancid and he told me to suck the sweat out of his bare $%!@ crack. His friend's watched, laughing hysterically as I did as Josh told me. After giving the Wrestling team tongue bathes, I went on doing a variety of things. Usually when one of them had to fart, they called me over and let rip all over my face. Some did it bare, some through their undies, one kid let out a shart in my mouth and made me swallow. They also drank a lot of soda, not slowing down as Josh told his friend's just to use me as a toilet when they had to $%!@. I was in the middle of the six of them, on my knees as $%!@ed all over me, my face and mostly my mouth. They called me Toilet or Urinal and I thanked them for it. Occasionally one or two of them would find the need to $%!@ and I would cater to them too, but in privacy. They were foul, nearly as much so as Josh but again, Master Josh showed me he was the dominant one here by unleashing a huge, rank load all over me, barely giving me time to swallow. Finally, apparently wrestling made them horny, because all of them dumped hot loads into my mouth, making me suck them until they blew hard.

Posted in Fart in Face (only males) on 2015-01-25 01:27:29

yes, contact me on kik at fart_muncher_69

Posted in Fart in Face (only males) on 2015-01-18 04:54:26

We should talk sometime, my brother farts and does all types of stuff to me. You have a kik?

Posted in Slave to my Brother on 2015-01-01 22:14:14

Check out my email, send me tons of messages!