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Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-06-13 19:43:09

Today, I was going to my friends house, and when I was in there, the crazy girl came out! She and my friend tackled me to the ground, and then 2 other girls came in. They told me they will have their fun with me.

Friend: She was my friend since 4th grade. I'll call her Jill. So Jill just sat on my face for about 20 minutes, then she told me to get on me knees and kiss her as.s, then her feet, and then she rubbed her as.s on my face.

Girl 1: I'll call her Alex. Alex has really big bo.obs, and she put her arms around my head, and pressed it in her bo.obs. then she got Girl 2, and told her to press my face in her as.s. Then she forced me to suck her toes.

Girl 2: I'll call her Lana. Lana forced me to drink her pee, then she gave me a swirly, and then a wedgie.

Alex and Lana: They gave me what they call an as.s sandwich. Alex was lying face down, and I had my head in her as.s. Then Lana sat on my head, pushing it into Alex's but.t. Then Lana lied down, I had my head in her as.s, and Alex pressed my head down with her bo.obs.

Crazy girl: I"ll call her Ashley. Ashley made me lie down, and then made me lick her feet which were on my face. Then she dropped down on my face, and then made be be her 'horsie', before making me kiss her bo.obs, then her naked as.s, which she shoved in my face.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-06-11 20:41:20

Your constant reminders of this being true are just fueling my doubts... Sorry, I just saw other posts here, and thought no one would believe me.

I liked the story. What was girl 1 wearing? A pink t-shirt, a pink bra, pink panties, flip-flops, pick socks, a denim mini skirt.

Do you have copies of the pictures to share? No they didn't give it to me. Sorry.

You really need to come up with names for these girls, fake ones if you have to, but all this crazy girl, other girl and allcaps placeholders are getting old. I will.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-06-10 21:37:23

So yesterday, the crazy girl challenged me to a fight, in front of my friend. I couldn't back down to a girl (she's thought to be weak) in front of him, so I agreed. She said her house, after school. __

After school I came and we went to the basement. We both got ready, the rules were, no maiming, if you call mercy you lose, and no hits, like grappling. The loser had to be the others slave for the day, and night, as well as the following day. I called my mom and she let me sleep at her house. The next day we'd go to school, and then I'd come back. __

The fight: We started off at either end of the makeshift ring. She charged me, and I moved to the side, and she stopped short of the wall at one end of the ring. Then, tons of girls from class charged in from a bunch of rooms and went in the ring! They all charged me, and took me to the ground, and 2 were in charge of holding me down, the crazy girl, and the one from Humiliation 2. __

Slavery: I had to call each one goddess. Apparently, they worked it out so they have 20 minutes with each of me. There were 6 girls and the crazy girl.


Girl 1: I'll call her GIRL for now. So GIRL told me I was going to change clothes with her. And I had to; there were four 'guards,' in the room. So she took off all her clothes right in front of me! She was stark naked! I have to admit, I was getting aroused. Then I had to take off all my clothes, and I had an erec.tion, and all the girls there laughed. I had to wear her clothes, and then they snapped pictures of me! We changed back and she left. __

Girl 2: I'll call her HOT. She's from Humiliation 2. This girl had worse planned for me. She exercised a lot before, and took off her shoes. She put them to my nose and held my mouth shut, and I was forced to inhale. Then she made me kneel before her, and rubbed her socked feet in my face for a while. After she had me lie down, and then jumped on my face! After that, she took her socks off, and forced me to kiss, smell, and suck her feet. Then she sat on my face, first in clothes, then in her underwear, and finally naked. Her time was up. __

Girl 3: I'll call her SPANK. She right away slapped me in the face. She spent the whole time spanking me naked! It must have been thousands of slaps! She used her hands and a paddle. She put my di.ck in between her legs, and squeezed every time she spanked me. When I got an erection, it hurt. __

Girl 4: I'll call her LOOK. She stripped me, and wanted to see my reactions from her 'Show.' She stripped and then masturba.ted, and rubbed her parts in my face. Needles to say, I got an erec.tion. __

Girl 5: I'll call her BO.OB. She rubbed her bare bre.asts in my face, then laid me down and smothered me with them. Then she made me kiss them. __

Girl 6: I'll call her TRAMPLE. She trampled me all over, everywhere, with her sock, then jumped on me. __

Crazy girl: She just sat on my face and farted the whole time, before smacking me around a bit. __

Trick: The girls brought out another person, a guy. I'll call him **. The girls then made me do a sick thing. They made me suck his di.ck. After they all sat on my face in turns, and rubbed their feet in my face. __

End: After that, they each gave me wedgies, spanked me, and gave me swirly in their pee.

More later.

100% true.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-06-10 21:11:28

I'm 14 and it was 2 days ago. I'm posting what happened yesterday soon.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2010-06-10 01:13:00

I posted another.:0