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Posted in Ticklish Teenagers on 2010-06-07 23:06:30

BTW, Cameron ended up sending the video to some of my guy friends, who of course thought it was hilarious.

Posted in Ticklish Teenagers on 2010-06-07 23:05:13

One time I went to a sleepover at my friend Cameron's house along with five other girls; Lisa, Stacy, Katie, Devon, and Jamie. We had already had a ton of fun together - eating dinner, watching movies, playing board games, telling ghost stories - when we finally got around to playing truth or dare. Just before it was Lisa's turn to pick the next victim, my belly growled rather loudly - I was hungry because it'd been a while since we'd eaten dinner - which drew attention to my middle, which was already exposed by my pajamas, which were short green shorts and a cuttoff black t-shirt that went just below the bottom of my ribs. It wasn't really an outfit that stood out, since the girls were wearing all kinds of different things; shorts or pants or boxers or panties for bottoms, and camisoles or tanks or t-shirts or bras for tops. But still, Lisa noticed my hungry belly right before her turn; she picked Devon, who choose dare, to which Lisa, smiling slyly, said "I dare you to... tickle Brittany!" I tried to escape, but Jamie and Stacy came over and tackled me, pinning me down face-up on the ground with one girl pinning my ankles to the ground and another pinning my wrists up above my head. After Devon had tickled me mericilessly for a few minutes, Cameron and Lisa, grinning joined in. They tickled me in all my worst spots - my feet, my belly, my navel, my sides, my ribs, my neck... I begged them to stop, but they didn't until about ten minutes later. By then I had laughed so hard I was crying... and that's when I found out that Cameron had recorded the whole thing on her cell phone.