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Posted in Guys, What Are You Wearing (Right Now)? (boys only) on 2022-06-26 15:04:45

Hi I'm Dylan I'm 14 and just now I'm wearing Dark green oddball briefs

Posted in Guys Undewear on 2022-06-26 15:02:53

I'm 14 and I try to see what underwear my friends are wearing sometimes I suggest wrestling just so I can pull up their top to see their underwear

Posted in Truth or dare on 2022-06-26 14:27:58

I dare you to strip to just your tightest pair of underwear when a friend comes over and stay kicked that till he leaves

Posted in Were you molested as a child/ preteen/ teen? on 2022-06-16 18:31:49

I was molested by a older boy . I was 10 and sitting In the back garden when the boy next door began chatting to me he was 15 .he invited me in to his house while his family were out . We went to his bedroom and he put on a video is was a guy dancing and stripping if was funny . He then said to me I bet you £2 that you could not do that . I said bet you I can .he then said I will film it and we can look at it after you finish . I thought it would be fun the boy put music on and I kicked of my trainers then my t shirt swinging it around. I then took of my shorts and threw them to the boy and danced about in my briefs . The boy said the bet was to strip you still have your underwear on you have to take them off and throw them to him I said ok took of my briefs and threw my briefs to him he looked them over then he said what's that on your $%!@ . I looked down at my $%!@ I could not see anything but again he said it I looked still nothing . He told me to go over to him . He was sitting on his bed . I stood in front of him and he took my $%!@ between his fingers and began rubbing g it I looked at what he was doing but could see nothing wrong with my $%!@ . I liked the feeling of him rubbing my $%!@ so just stood there letting him rub me .he then said it might be nothing or could it be ink .my $%!@ was hard he then wet one of his fingers and ran it over the tip of my $%!@ and said it's not coming off . I will try this and he put my $%!@ in his mouth and began again it felt great after a few minutes he stopped and said that not fair I have seen your $%!@ maybe you should get to see his . He stood up took of his t shirt then undid his Jean's pushing them down. I remember he was wearing blue checked boxers when he pushed them down I saw his $%!@ was big hard and thick with ginger hair he told me to hold it for him and got me to rub it .he then lay on his bed and again got me to rub him . He said watch this he took his $%!@ and began rubbing it fast till his $%!@ shot out over his stomach .he put his finger in the $%!@ and pushed his finger into my mouth to taste it before getting me to lick the head of his $%!@ . I was in his room a few more times doing things before the boys family moved away

Posted in showing off underwear (boys only) on 2022-06-16 15:04:48

I'm 14 and alway like to show what underwear I'm wearing if it sagging or baggy short my underwear is on show my friends . I also like to try to see what underwear other boys wear but looking In the changing rooms af school or if a boy has loose shorts on look up the leg . Even wrestle gut so i can pull the back of thier shirt up . So today I'm wearing green oddball briefs