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Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2017-06-15 02:01:50

Hi Stephanie! That is just a delightful life story that you just shared. As a person that has advocated for male feminization, I think it is awesome that you are living the life of a feminine person, married and the father of three children. I would love to see a world where men can be as feminine as they can possibly be, but still be male, and married to women. I commend your lifestyle, and I must admit that I really respect your position on your boys and living the way that want to live. To be honest, I Hope one of them would want to be a Girly husband to a tough tomboy! I am a strong advocate of Gender Role Reversal, just wanted to throw that out there to get your thoughts on that!


Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2017-06-15 01:55:59

Hi Helena!. I think it wonderful when women encourage men and boys to become feminine and sweet. You say that you do not like masculinity.....that is an awesome view for a woman to have, especially if it leads to male feminization. Was just wondering if you believe in Feminist concepts and those of Gender Role Reversal?

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2016-02-10 20:54:11

Hi Ryann. That is so Awesome. More and more boys need to be able to express their femininity by wearing pretty dresses and skirts. I am very happy to hear about you, your brothers and your friend.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2013-09-06 22:07:25

Hi Dedicated Mom! That is Wonderful! More and more mothers are realizing that in order to Create a Better Less Violent World, Males need to be Feminized and Directed into a More Docile Profile! I am Happy to hear about your Beautiful "New Age" Boy!!

Posted in Gender Role Reversal on 2012-02-19 02:06:12

Hi Whitte!

I hope that you are checking on this Poll now and Then. as you asked, i am trying to stay in touch. Just wanted to Give you the Link to my Blog...I think you will find it Very Interesteing.

Would Love to hear from you and how the "Boygirls" are doing. You are a Wonderful Mother with what you are doing, and a Role Model for other Women!

Here is the Link: