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Posted in Boys dressing smartly on 2017-01-04 16:42:04

I think that dressing formally for dinner is a very good custom, though napkin around your neck is not very elegant. I am glad to see that this custom has not completely disappeared and that some families such as yours stick to it ! In my family, we always dress up for dinner when there is a guest, and also every Sunday for Mass, lunch and dinner !

Posted in Boys in shirts and ties on 2017-01-04 16:35:30

I think that your step dad is perfectly right to tell you what you have to wear and he should make you wear a tie not only at home but also for school, this is the proper dress code for a young man

Posted in Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) on 2014-12-04 23:04:17

Yes, penance is not a punishment. It is a way of improving our relationship to God. As you say, it can be something which helps others and thus show our love for our brothers. It can also be an effort on ourselves that we make for God, and it is important that our whole body participate to this effort, and for this reason it makes sense if the penance is a bit painful.

Posted in Kneeling before God (Roman catholics) on 2014-12-04 15:02:21

I agree that the time before Mass in not the right time for social conversation, which is important for a Christian Community, but should take place after Mass outside the church. The time before Sunday Mass should be a time of silence and prayer to prepare oneself to the most important event of the week, and people should not arrive in the Church less than 10 minutes before Mass start. The priest and the altar boys should be an example for all, praying visibly on their knees, but it is unfortunately not always possible.

Posted in Kneeling before God (Roman catholics) on 2014-12-03 22:40:56

Yes, this is the right way to receive the Body of Christ. I would be in favour of churches without any chairs, which would allow the faithful to prostrate during consecration, and remain kneeling until the end of mass, the priest only moving to give the Holy Communion., or the faithful coming to him on his knees.