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Posted in How often do your kids wear shoes? on 2010-08-24 05:11:35

My 2 boys, 9 and 12, almost never wear shoes or socks in our house. They always are barefoot until a few minutes before we have to go somewhere. They wear shoes and socks almost always when they go to school. But if they are going anywhere else they usually wear flip flops or crocs and stay barefoot in them, except during the winter of course, when they wear boots with socks. They take their socks off within a few minutes when they come home during the winter. A few times they have left a pair of socks at a friends house, which leads me to believe if they go to a friends house after school, they take their socks off there too. During the summer, they almost alway never put a sock on their foot. They only wear flip flops or crocs when they are going out, to their friends house, or the mall, etc.

Posted in Being Barefoot at a Friend's Home. on 2010-08-21 04:54:13

When I visit my friend, i prerty much always end up barefoot by the time I leave. His basement i unfinished, but theres a ping pong table and TV down there so we hang out there. Whenever I run around down there, which is very often, my socks get absolutely torn apart. I have to take them off and throw them away. I have learned since then, and now always take my socks off before we go down there.

Posted in Soaking your sneakers on 2010-07-11 02:43:31

When I was 11, I went to my cousin's cottage. There is very good fishing on his lake, and you can fish from shore and still catch fish. Anyways, we were fishing and I went a little too close to the edge. (there is a dock out over the shore and cement where the boat garage is) I slipped on the cement and fell in. My shoes did not dry for the whole week, so I had to stay barefoot most of the time, even when it was cold, because when I go outside I usually put shoes on, but they were wet so I went barefoot.

Posted in barefoot experiences on 2010-05-12 02:03:34

my friends and i sock wrestled. the first one to lose both their socks is out. we also once played a sock war with about 10 friends from school. i got all the socks i had from my room and we split up into teams and threw the socks at each other for fun. when someone ran out of socks, they took off their own and used theirs. there were about 30 pairs of socks on the floor when we were done. we all stayed barefoot for most of the time, and had trouble finding whose socks were whose.

Posted in Shoes off at the door please on 2010-04-18 00:07:03

My sons are 13 and 9. Recently, we moved to the Mississauga area. My wife told my younger son on the second day that he should take their socks off. A few days later, she turned that into a rule. Him and his friends now must go barefoot always. She says it is because at their age, their socks are dirty. The floors in the house are all hard wood, so she says she makes him go barefoot because him and his friends will probably run around, and it will prevent them from slipping.