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Posted in Stuck on Girls name. on 2010-07-28 08:26:17

ive also bena fan of the anme korinne. u should consider it as well

Posted in Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy - Reasonable Proof on 2010-06-28 01:14:53

bit of advice 4 the suicide thing: make sure some one keeps u away from dangeos things (guns knifes ect.)

a padded room until ur better wouldnt hurt either.

Posted in Time travel ideas on 2010-06-27 08:52:17

they rturn to the future but it is altered, and 4 the worse.half the population is dead,most cities r completly destroyed or in ruins, and evil werewolf looking creatures created by mutation are in complete control. only they dont want control. they want blood, destruction, chaos, and mayhem.

Posted in Time Travel on 2010-06-27 08:34:17

and y only up 70 year future? i wanna go 2 freakin year 4000

Posted in Time Travel on 2010-06-27 08:33:11

interesting idea. heres wat i think time travel would be like:

u go bak in time, u steal one of thse jars that has the organ of an anceint egyptain mummy in it. that jar was the one jar that archeologist never found in that tomb from b4 u went bak. wat happened. u simply ensured that wa happened, happened. get it? no? ok then heres another one. lets say that history say a man was shot to death. the gun was left at the scene and there wer fingerprints on it, but the police couldnt find who the belonged 2. u go bak in time to hopefully save this unforunate man. u bring a gun with u incase u need to shoot the killer. while u r trying 2 warn the man ur gun goes off and kills him. u freak out, drop the gun, and go bak 2 ur own time, which is a few hundred years in the future., so clearly ur finger prints wont be in any data base from the time of the poor man getting shot. wat happened? u ensured the mans death by becoming the unknow killer.

either that or it would be like on DBZ. u go bak, change somethin. it make an alternate future, but u still go bak 2 the one u kame from