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Yes, in my backyard. This girl, Janet, my neighbor, kept teasing me to fight her. I finally offered to wrestle her. She agreed, and we started. She was very strong, and put a foot behind my ankle. I fell over backward and she sat on me. I tried to get up, but she was too strong. At one point she said, "Do you want me to use my full weight?" Then she did, and I couldn't breathe. I was crushed, and gave up.

When I was 12, a neighbor girl who I knew met me in the vacant lot behind my house. We instantly began a "clod-fight". Pulling up clumps of grass, with clods of dirt attached to their roots, and throwing them at each other. I pasted her pretty good. She marched up to me and asked, "Do you want to fight?"

She was a little bigger than me, so I said "No, but I'll wrestle you if you want." She said "OK."

We grappled for a moment, and then she got a foot behind me and tripped me. I fell on my back, and she instantly sat astride me, grabbed my hands and pinned them beside my head. I struggled as hard as I could, but finally gave up, exausted.

She made no move to let me up, though, and teased and taunted me until I begged her. When she finally got off of me, I had had an orgasm.

She never said anything at school, but she gave me a knowing wink when we met in the hall.

I was alone with a group of girls when I was 10. Cousins, neighbors and such. They became bossy. When I tried to leave, one girl pushed me down and sat on me. The others pulled my clothes off. The big girl said she would let me up if I did what they said. I was quiclkly dressed in panties and a dress and much fussed over.

When the girls heard the grown-ups returning, they sat on me in mass, covered my mouth, and made me promise to keep it a secret. Then they let me up, and change back into my own clothes. I saw a few giggles and glances, but none of them told on me. Thankfully.

Even when the contest was even, I let the girl win. Partly for fear of being accused of bullying. and also because I liked the feeling of being sat on by the girl. The other boys teased me somewhat, but I got over it by beating them.