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Posted in Have you ever pooped you pants? on 2014-01-08 22:18:09

I have an update. I started getting nervous about pooping in my pants in embarrassing places. In fact I pooped in my pants at work a couple of times. For this reason, I decided to go into bowel control training. I now have almost full control of when I poop. Don't get me wrong, I still poop in my pants at least 4-5 times per month, and I still enjoy it, but now I have control over where that happens. I don't mind wetting accidents. Since I still have urinary incontinence, I have an accident in my pants every time I have to pee, but I don't like poop accidents in all locations.

Posted in if you have to pee on 2013-09-06 22:45:33

When you had me squat and push hard, I pooped my pants. Toward the end of the poll, I peed too. Loved the poll.

Posted in ever wet your pants on 2013-09-06 22:40:37

I'm diapered 24/7, so I wet my pants all the time.

Posted in How often do you poop or pee your pants on 2013-09-06 22:39:47

I'm a diaper lover. I have been diapered 24/7 for 12 or 13 years now. I have urinary incontinence from never trying to hold it. I also can't hold my poop very well. So every pee for the last 12 or 13 years has been in my pants. About half of my poops during that time has been in my pants too. I could maybe re-potty train myself, but I don't want to. I still love the sensation of wetting my pants and wearing a wet diaper. Since I'm incontinent, I only wet small amounts every time, so I can wet about five times per diaper change. Doing the math if I wet 5 times per diaper and go through five or six diapers per day, that means I pee my pants a lot! If I have to poop and I can't sit down, it better not be too strong of an urge, or I will uncontrollably poop in my pants. If I poop in my pants, I will usually try to change my diaper soon after, so I don't stink up the area around me too bad.

Posted in wet dreams vs wetting dreams on 2013-03-09 03:53:36

I'm incontinent, from many years of 24/7 diaper wearing, so I wet myself in bed all the time. Often I've had the dream of ejaculating, only to wake up wetting my diaper. When I was young, and had wet dreams where ejaculate came out, I dreamed I was wetting. I guess that's an even trade.