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Posted in CFNM Competitive Sports on 2017-11-06 21:25:34

When I was at school our female teacher forced us boys to swim in the nude while the Girls were allowed to wear bathing suits. In sports we boys had to be barefeet and shirtless while the Girls were dressed and wear shoes. For me it would hav been ok also in sports lesson alle boys to be completely nude in front of the Girls. This should be normal in all schools in future for the advantage of Girls by humiliating us boys.

Posted in Boys forced to go barefoot during the summer on 2017-10-08 20:44:31

All we boys should be forced by parents to walk barefeet always and Girls should wear shoes when they want. Thats the rule I have to accept for my Sisters and me.

Posted in ballbusting for girls on 2017-07-25 05:20:01

As a boy I tell you're absolutely right. Ballbusting should be legalized for any Female all over the world. Its getting quite normal these days especially for younger girls kicking us guys in the balls. Its ok for me and the other boys. We males deserve it. But not only when a boy does anything to a Girl, no also they should hit our balls just for fun of the Girls. This would give all respect and power to the Females! And we boys have to submit.

Posted in CFNM Poll: Male Behavior on 2017-06-30 21:59:34

Its so right what you do Laura. If I contradict my sisters I have also to strip completely naked, kneel in front of them, kiss their feet and say sorry. After that I have to stay the whole day naked. This makes me behave much better, not to argue against Girls cause they're always right and boys wrong. Every family should do it like that.

Posted in Gender Equality on 2017-06-27 19:42:56

You're so right Caroline and your ideas are great. Its really quite normal these days Ladys rule and men obey. Otherwise no male has a chance to find a Woman anymore. He has to give her everything in case of marrying, and nothing is left to him in case of divorce. Whn I got divorced I had to strip my last pants in front of my Ex and her Girlsfriends laughing. She got everything and for me there were even no pants left, I stood there in my pure nudity and I felt is was fair. More and more males support these rules of total Female Domination cause we love you Ladys so much like Princesses, you are so wonderful cause you're bodys are adorable while we boys are just nothing and worthless.